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Gay Military Issues Miss The Point: Soldiers Should Not Be Forced To Be Exposed To Aids

OK, here we go. I can hear the objections even as I write this. “What a racist you are! How atrocious you are, equating aids to the gay population!” Of course, just like we all know that “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslim”, we know that the truth of the situation is that most people with aids are gay men. I knew this years ago, and still remember reading the book The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS: How a Tragedy Has Been Distorted by the Media and Partisan Politics by Michael Fumento. Of course, it was not a popular book back then, since speaking the truth is often not politically correct.

For years we have been hearing how “wrong” it is to block the noble gay people from serving their country in the military. While we have been pilloried with stories about how great some gay people are, and American children are repeatedly taught how great it is that “Billy has two daddies and Sally has two mommies” (never mind that nobody can read or write beyond what used to be a 4th grade level), nobody talks about how Billy might not want to help Johnny after Johnny got shot, because Johnny just might give Billy aids, because Johnny is gay and has aids! The truth is simple; most people with aids are gay men. Period. (Except for Africans, but that situation is a whole other catastrophe being spread by religious morons, like “Mother Theresa”, that are more concerned with spreading religious dogma than in helping humanity, by denying the use of condoms to the poor, stupid, and uneducated.)

Lets face it. If you are in the service, you are going to be in close, intimate contact with other human beings. That was one reason for not allowing women into the service. Men and women would have to function in close proximity to each other without feeling sexual feelings. Of course, today, women can serve in the military. And, everybody knows that there have been sexual issues; many have resulted in problems, like pregnancy and jealous rivalries. But, that has been glossed over, and we will ignore it for now. Just imagine that men and women serve equally in the military, and there is never a problem between them because of sexual attraction.

But, when we talk about gays serving in the military, we have another problem. Not only is there the problem that Juan may be lusting after Billy as he takes a shower, but now Billy has to be honestly worried for his life if Juan gets shot, or otherwise injured in a way that involves bleeding.

Just think. 30 years ago, if you went to the doctor, or nurse, they took your blood. Period. Now, they generally wear rubber gloves, unless they know your medical history thoroughly. Why is that? Well, as you know, it is because they are afraid that you might have aids and will give it to them. The simple fact of the matter is that most of the people in the United States who have aids are gay men. Get over it! But, if you are in the military, you must be prepared to help your fellow soldier who may be injured and bleeding. But, are you, as a soldier, issued rubber gloves in case you ever have to help your fellow soldier when they are bleeding? No. Thus, soldiers, while naturally expected to come to the aid of their fellow soldiers when they are injured, are being asked to take their own lives even more into risk by helping a fellow soldier because that soldier may be a gay soldier with aids.

No, you won’t here it expressed this way by the government. You certainly won’t here this in the main stream media. After all, they can’t even explain the motivation of Maj. Nidal Hasan for shooting to death 13 people while shouting “Allahu Akbar!”, although even the village idiot knows that he did it because he was an Islamist. But, this is the simple truth.

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