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Germanwings Crash: Was the Co-pilot a Muslim?

This whole Germanwings crash is extremely strange. From the beginning, it looked like a terrorist attach to me. The weather was excellent and there was no report of a problem with the aircraft. Why would a commercial airliner crash in such a case?

If there was something wrong with the airplane, there were several airports that could have easily been reached from their cruising altitude. Also, if there was something wrong with the aircraft, why would the crew have not called for help. They did not.

Next, why does the airline talk about the pilot, who had 6000 hours, but no information is given about the co-pilot? In all other crashes that I am familiar with, we always hear about both the pilot and co-pilot. The fact that we have a mysterious accident and the airline is absolutely not willing to talk about the co-pilot sounds suspicious.

Now, we hear that a pilot (or co-pilot) was apparently locked out of the cockpit. How could this happen? If a pilot leaves the cockpit, another crew member, usually a flight attendant, must be in the cockpit in case the pilot in command has a heart attack, stoke, or is otherwise incapacitated. The fact that we are now hearing that a pilot was locked out of the cockpit, and no other crew member was in the cockpit, says that either the pilots broke all of the rules or that someone wanted to take the plane down.

Add to this the fact that we have still not heard anything about the co-pilot, I am going to predict that either the pilot in the cockpit had mental, financial, or family issues that may have caused him or her to set up a suicide situation, or, perhaps, he was a Muslim and this was his jihad. At this point, I am guessing it was the latter. I hope I am wrong.

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