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Gitmo Solution: Bullet To The Head

I’m sorry; a lot of people will disagree with this post. But, the only solution to the Gitmo problem is a bullet to the head of the detainees. What else can we do? We know that if we release them, they will almost certainly return to the battlefield. Catch and release only works with trout; not with Muslims.

Even a monster as abhorrent as the leader of the “Islamic State”, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, said, when released from prison, “…see you in New York”. This explains the situation that revolves around the Muslim barbarians like those in Gitmo. If we release them, they will almost certainly return to the battlefield to kill even more civilized people. If we simply put a bullet in their heads, they will not return to the battlefield, and we will no longer have to pay for their room-and-board.

Of course, there are a lot of stupid and uninformed people that will argue that we must give them their rights under the Geneva, and other, conventions. But, those protections DO NOT APPLY to the barbarians in Gitmo. They only apply to uniformed soldiers of a recognized country. The Muslims captured on the battlefield are not uniformed soldiers of a recognized government. The only way they can be categorized is as a “spy”. The only thing a spy is entitled to is a bullet to the head, or some other similarly quick death.

So, lets stop all the ridiculous posturing  that tries to save the lives of Muslim barbarians. Their lives are not only worthless, but they are harmful to the people that inhabit the civilized world.

Yes, close Gitmo. But, don’t set the Muslim barbarians free to kill again. Exterminate them.

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