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Great Debate Between Pamela Geller and Ground Zero Mosque Proponents

It is no secret that I oppose the Islamist, supremacist mosque that Imam Rauf wants to build at ground zero. The fact that morons like Obama and Mayor Bloomberg supposedly don’t get it (the opposition to the mosque) is astonishing. Of course, it is all about their desire for votes and their fear of “offending” anyone. Never mind that 3000 people were butchered at the ground zero site by Islam. The people who committed that atrocity were, by any rational account, some of the best, and most pious Muslims, in the world. They did as Mohammad commanded.

But, these politicians want and need votes, so they sugarcoat the issue with claims that “they” (Muslim Brotherhood) have the “right” to build a mosque at ground zero. OF COURSE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT; but that DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.

It all became very clear when an obscure pastor in Florida wanted to have “burn a Koran day” and burn a few Korans. In a normal world, you would say, so what? A goofy Christian pastor wants to burn a few Korans, so what? But, it was blown up into an international incident, with everyone from General Petraeus to Hilary Clinton to Barack Obama chiming in that it was “wrong” for him to do it, and actually spending their time, and taxpayer money, to do everything possible to convince him to stop. Personally, I think we need more “burn a Koran” days, and more things like “Everybody Draw Mohammad“. But, what was the problem? If he had declared that he wanted to burn a few Bibles, would the world have taken notice? Of course not. The only reason his proposal attracted attention was because many people feared that Muslims the world over would go into their usual “riot and pillage” stage.

Well, who is to be blamed for that? The person who wants to publish a cartoon or burn a Koran, or the morons who go into the rape, riot, and pillage stage at the slightest provocation? Of course, any sane person knows that it is the latter. Clearly we are not dealing with normal, healthy, rational people when we are dealing with Muslims. Muslims go into riot mode at the slightest provocation, while the people of the civilized world just shrug off perceived insults, like the “piss Christ“.

So, we have a debate on Fox News between various people, including Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugs blog, and Ahmed Rehab of CAIR. (I call them the Conspiring Assortment of Islamist Reactionaries, but they are officially know as the “Council on American Islamic Relations”.) They were an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism funding case, but that footnote has apparently been stupidly removed by the Obama justice department in the last few days, just as the Muslim Brotherhood (the parent organization) officially declared war on the West.

He debates Pamela Geller in this Fox News video. It is very interesting and well worth viewing.

By the way, if you want to know what Rehab was talking about in connection to Mohammad Condoms, I have it here. It was clearly a joke; much like a Saturday Night Live skit. But, I guess Rehab thought it was some sort of serious commentary. Maybe he needs “rehab”.

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