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How Much Did Hasan Nidal Wire To Jihadi’s?

It is an interesting situation. Hasan Nidal gave out his business card (which I reported on earlier) along with his furniture, before he butchered 13 fellow soldiers, and wounded dozens more, at Ft. Hood. Before going on his rampage, he gave away much of his furniture, including an “air mattress”.
Say what? Here is a guy making almost $100,000 per year as a psychologist, and he is living on an air mattress? (Don’t get me wrong, I have a “SleepNumber Bed”, that I bought in 2003, and I love it. It is, basically, an air mattress. But, I don’t think that is what the authorities are referring to when they speak of an “air mattress”. I think they mean just that; an air mattress.)
When you look at his apartment, after the FBI moved in, it is basically an empty room, except for a prayer rug and an industrial grade shredding machine. If the report from Atlas Shruggs is accurate, then I have Shredder Envy, since his shredder is much bigger than mine, and I have a big one. But, I have a reason to have one. My clients don’t want their inventions and discoveries released to the public. What was Hasan’s justification?


WHAT WAS HE SHREDDING? Inquiring minds want to know. My guess it was not the latest issues of Playboy and Penthouse, although he was, reportedly, a frequent client of a local strip club. (As was Mohammad Attah, and fellow 9/11 cretins.)

Anyway, this will be interesting. I don’t expect to ever hear the truth about the matter from the government. They are too tied to political correctness, and beholden to the criminal likes of CAIR, to ever come out with the actual truth. But, Boobus Americanus had better wake up. There ARE terrorists among us. We HAVE been infiltrated. They KNOW US. We DO NOT KNOW THEM.

The important thing, that you will probably never hear from the government, is that something happened to Nidal Hasan’s money. He was obviously not spending it on himself. He was living so far below his means that it is almost rediculous. My guess is that the bulk of his income was going to jihadis, like Osama bin Laden, and others. The revelation of where his income was going is the most important part of the investigation, but I bet we hear little, or nothing, about the money trail.


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