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I Hate To Say “I Told You So”….Never Mind

I actually love to tell you I told you so. A few months ago I said that “global warming” was a TOTAL SCAM. Now, we know that it is a TOTAL SCAM. Of course, you will not hear that from the “main stream media”. In fact, they will actually embarrass themselves by covering the Copenhagen Climate Control Conspiracy. There is nothing to support their claim of global warming, and there is nothing to support the threat of global warming. It is all a conspiracy to separate you from your money and savings. While we have speculated about this in the past, we now have proof; the global warmingistas’ e-mails and computer files and other files, that prove that the whole thing was just a scam to separate you from your money! This is an outrageous lie; this is an outrageous criminal offense. The perpetrators of this crime must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law; they must not be allowed to walk free!

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  1. letsstophistory says:

    Dear Author !
    I think, that you have misled.

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