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Important New Article On Greenland Climate In Journal of Climate

A new article has been published in the American Meteorological Society publication “Journal of Climate” on pages 4029 to 4049. Yes, it is a very long (20 pages) article. The lead author is Jason E. Box of the Byrd Polar Research Center and Department of Geography, Atmospheric Sciences Program at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The article title is “Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Air Temperature Variability: 1840-2007”. While the data only goes back to 1840, and thus misses the colder portion of the “little ice age”, and it certainly does not cover the “Medieval Warm Period“, it is a very interesting article. Of course, since there were extensive crops and livestock herds in Greenland in the Medieval Warm Period, it was obviously much warmer then than it is now. But, the article clearly shows that there is nothing remarkable about recent temperatures in Greenland.

The highlight of the article is a graph showing temperatures in Greenland during that period of time. It clearly shows that temperatures were higher in the 1930’s, and it also shows that temperatures rose at a more rapid rate a long time ago, compared to the recent warming. Furthermore, it clearly shows a drop in temperature during the time period from 1930 to 1990. This is significant, because CO2 was rapidly rising during this time. Again, the data shows that temperature is not primarily a function of CO2. And, of course, if CO2 is the driver, there is absolutely no way to explain the rapid rise in temperature between 1885 and 1930.

This article is just more evidence that we have seen higher temperatures in the past; even the very recent past. It also clearly shows that temperature changes are not just the result of CO2. In fact, there is very strong evidence that temperature changes are mostly due to something that we don’t understand, as Dr. Phil Jones’ leaked e-mail revealed when he said that it is a “travesty” that we cannot explain the lack of global temperature increase over the last 11 years, in spite of a clear increase in CO2 levels.

greenland_fig1This is just more evidence that we DO NOT understand climate change, and to cripple the world’s economies with carbon taxes before we really understand the science is not only ridiculous, it would be criminal.

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