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“Indian eunuchs get separate category in electoral rolls”

You just can’t make this stuff up. I don’t see why the sex, or not, of a person should make any difference in electoral rolls, but I guess they do in India. Since women only count as half-a-man in most Muslim nations, in most matters, such as courts of law, and inheritance, etc., I can see why it might matter there. But, India is not, primarily, a Muslim nation. This is from The Daily Times of Pakistan.

NEW DELHI: The Indian Election Commission on Thursday accepted eunuchs and transsexuals as an independent entity, allowing their listing under a newly-created category named “other”. Eunuchs would no longer have to register as males or females, which had been the case earlier. Chief electoral officers in all states have been asked to direct the enumerators to indicate their sex as “O” if they desired, the Election Commission said in an announcement. It said the category would also apply to all Election Commission forms that require the mentioning of a voter’s gender. “In electoral rolls prepared by the Election Commission of India, eunuchs were hitherto registered either as male or as female, on the basis of the statement made by the person concerned. iftikhar gilani

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