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Is Comrade Obama’s Policy Forcing Israel To Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons Against Iran?

It has been reported that Obama is totally against nuclear war. I guess his policy is that if China or Russia want to destroy us by sending a few thousand nukes our way, that is OK. We won’t retaliate. After all, that would be stupid, since China has over 1 billion people, and if we decided to wipe out a few million of them with a nuclear strike, it would leave them virtually untouched. Of course, it is unlikely that China would attack us, at least openly, since they are highly dependent on our buying of the stuff that they make. Also, of course, if they were to destroy us with a nuclear attack, or an EMP attack, they would loose their sizable investment in the form of our treasury bills. And, while Russia has no such commerce or investment interest in us, it is highly unlikely that they would decide to wipe us out with a nuclear or EMP attack, since we would retaliate in kind.

But, the same cannot be said for Muslim nations, Muslim transnational groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, and many other offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood would like nothing more than to wipe us off the face of the earth. And, in fact, Iran’s chief loon, Mahmoud Ahmadimwit, has gloated about a “world without the United States”. He not only knows it can be accomplished, but he believes that he is the man who will bring it about. Now, you may be saying that is absurd. Even if Iran gets a few, or even a few hundred, nuclear weapons, he could not possibly wipe the United States off the face of the earth. First, as soon as we saw those incoming ICBM’s, we would be launching every available Trident missile from every available nuclear submarine at Iran. Each of those submarines carries 24 Trident II D-5 missiles, and each of those missiles has 8 independently target-able warheads. Each of those warheads has a yield of 475 kilotons, almost 50 times the yield of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. In a matter of minutes, Iran would be a vast radioactive parking lot, while most of the incoming nuclear missiles from Iran would be shot down, and those that landed would probably not kill more than a few hundred thousand Americans, assuming they hit in major population centers. In reality, they would probably only kill a few thousand Americans, at the most.

But, Ahmadimwit is a moronic believer in the 12th Imam. This person, who was supposed to have been a direct descendant of the barbarian pedophile known as Muhammad, is believed by the Twelthers to be hiding at the bottom of a well in Ifahan for over 1100 years,  just waiting to return to lead true believers to paradise at a time of total Armageddon. (For an interesting story about just how loony these people are, read this article by Michael Ledeen. It actually describes how such people as the highest government officials in Iran actually drop  agreements with the 12th imam down the well for his approval. I kid you not!) Thus, these Iranian leaders believe that they must bring about total Armageddon in order to bring about paradise. What better way to do that than to have the wrath of the United States unleashed on your country!

But, Iran really does want to destroy the United States, as do a number of other bad actors. And they know it would be relatively simple if they only had a few nuclear weapons. And, it might not even bring about retaliation by the United States, since the United States would probably not know who to retaliate against (except Muslims, somewhere.) (Although it could also be North Korea.) But, North Korea would really have nothing to gain, since we are not standing in their way of taking over the world, like we are (or should be) standing in the way of Islam taking over the world. So, the likely culprit would almost certainly be someone who bangs his head on the ground and sticks his ass in the air for Allah to have his way with him 5 times a day.

How could they do this, and how would it destroy the United States? With an EMP attack. As I pointed out, it has been estimated by many experts that an EMP attack on the United States could result in the death of 90% of the American population within 1 year. That is because virtually all electricity would be shut down, perhaps for a year or more, since we no longer make some of the highly specialized transformers that would be destroyed in the attack, and lead times can exceed a year, and we do not stock backups. After all, Congress is too worried about figuring out ways to cure non-existent problems, like health care, and ignore real problems, like an EMP attack. (Or, a major solar storm, or many other contingencies that could take down the power grid for over a year. And, the cure for this genuine problem would cost far, far less than allowing the government, which can’t really do anything well, and certainly can’t do anything cost effectively, to take over 1/7th of the nations economy, as they are now doing with health care.) And, as has been pointed out, Iran has practiced for just this scenario, by launching a missile from a freighter that blew up at high altitude. While we mocked it as a failure, they deemed it a success. It could only be a successful mission if the mission was an EMP attack.

So, how does this relate to Obama’s policy forcing nuclear war in the Middle East. Easy. It is now clear that Obama is not going to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. George Bush promised to do that before he left office, but he did not. Sanctions are a total joke, because they will never be applied in a meaningful way because China and Russia will veto them. And, Iran has set up enough smuggling and other back channels that any sanctions would do nothing more than inconvenience the Iranian people. They would not stop their drive to acquire nuclear weapons and the means of delivering those weapons. So, that leaves the job up to Israel. Israel has stated, and with good reason, that they will not allow Iran to go nuclear. Unlike the United States, if Israel’s population centers were hit by a few nuclear weapons, it would be the end of Israel. Never mind that Israel could respond by turning Iran into a radioactive wasteland with its arsenal of nuclear weapons. It would be a meaningless victory, since the nation of Israel would be finished, while Iran would still survive, being vastly larger, geographically, and with far more people. Personally, I think Iran already has some nuclear capability, and has had that capability for quite some time. After all, they have been working on this for over 30 years. Yes, they are Muslims, and thus quite backward, in general, but they do have some well educated scientists, and making a nuclear bomb is not rocket science. We did it over 60 years ago, with technology over 60 years old, and we did not even know that it would work. Iran has known it would work, and has even had the plans for over a decade. They can’t be that stupid and inept to still be trying to get a nuclear device. All you need is the fissile material, and when you consider how much is available in the world, and how very little it takes to make a bomb (a few pounds with plutonium), I find it hard to believe that a large nation-state like Iran could not obtain some. But, once their nuclear reactor at Bushehr is complete and operating, it will be pumping out large quantities of plutonium that can easily be used to make bombs. And, as they gain more “declared” experience with centrifuge technology, they get closer to being able to create their own highly enriched uranium. As of now, they have publicly declared that they have enriched uranium to 20% purity. From that point, it will not take long to get to 90%, which is about what they need for a nuclear device. If they put this device on a simple scud missile, and fired it into the air from a few hundred miles off the US coast, it would create an EMP attack. 3 or more such launches could send the United States back to the 19th century, and 90% of the population would die, because in our 21st century America, we simply cannot support more than a few tens of millions of people without electricity. Only the Amish would thrive.

Knowing that Israel was finally getting ready to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities, alone, Obama diverted a shipment of 387 smart munitions to Diego Garcia. They were en-route to Israel. Without these smart “bunker busters”, Israel lacks the firepower to destroy Iran’s deeply buried and highly fortified nuclear facilities. Plus, given the fact that the United States and Iraq would not allow Israel to overfly Iraq, and Turkey has said that they are now on Iran’s side and would block any attack on Iran by the US or Israel, the only chance Israel would have to get their aircraft to Iran and back would be to overfly (and maybe even use bases in) Saudi Arabia. At first, the idea that Saudi Arabia might condone this, given that they don’t even allow Israeli commercial airlines to fly over the kingdom, since they are afraid that the Jews on those planes would “contaminate” the kingdom during an overflight, would seem insane. But, Saudi Arabia is terrified by Iran, and is also very upset with the United States for not taking out the Iranian nuclear facilities a long time ago. So, as unlikely as overflight, or especially basing, by Israeli military jets for the purpose of taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities might seem, it is not totally impossible. In fact, it was reported by the TimesOnline, that Saudi Arabian officials have already given the nod to Israeli overflights to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. But, now that the US has blocked shipment of the necessary armament to Israel, Israel only has one alternative left, and that is to use nuclear weapons, either launched as missiles from Israel, or, more likely, launched from Israel’s fleet of  submarines that are designed to launch nuclear tipped cruise missiles. These missiles, being nuclear,  would have the necessary power to knock out the deeply buried and fortified nuclear facilities, even if they are not as accurate as smart bombs. And, if properly calibrated for yield, and properly targeted, the nuclear fallout may not be that much worse than what would result from conventional bombs destroying a facility filled with nuclear material. And, while some of Iran’s nuclear facilities are in, or near, major population areas, many are in sparsely populated areas where civilian deaths would be limited, even with a nuclear weapon.  Just such a nuclear strike has been suggested. And, with Israel being denied access to accurate, bunker buster bombs, low-yield tactical nuclear missiles may be the only alternative. And, when you look at the sheer logistics of taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities with a conventional airborne attack, a few dozen cruise missiles, or Jerricho II or III ICBMs, equipped with tactical nuclear weapons may be the only available weapon for Israel to use to prevent Iran from eventually wiping them off the face of the earth, as Mahmoud Ahmadimwit has promised many times. The sheer incompetence, stupidity, and lack of responsibility shown by our leaders in facing the Iranian threat is astounding.

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