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It’s Time To Simply Cut Off Afghanistan, Pakistan, And Other Islamist Nations

It boggles the mind to see the way that we have tried to prop-up Islamist nations over the last decade or so. They are hopelessly lost to Islam and should simply be abandoned to rot away in their own feces.

Today, it was announced that yet another bomb has been set off by the religious wackos  in Afghanistan, otherwise known as Muslims. They did what they have done for centuries; destroyed life and property in the name of an insane, epileptic, barbarian, misogynist,megalomaniac, pedophile named Mohamed. When history is examined, it is clear that the world would have been a much better place if he had never been born. His mother, in fact, gave him up for adoption. He is the poster-child for the use of abortion for unwanted children. It is clear from reading the account of his early life that he was not wanted, and, as pointed out by Ali Sina in Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography of Allah’s prophet, that may have lead to his many mental problems, ranging from megalomania to obsessive-compulsive disorder, among others. But, unfortunately, he lived. His followers, today, carry on the debauchery.

As far as Afghanistan and Pakistan are concerned, we have no reason to be there. We have no reason to spend money there. We have no reason to waste the lives of our soldiers and our fragile economy on their hopeless economies. Think about it! What do we get from Afghanistan and Pakistan except for a few rugs and Opium. We can do without both, although the rugs are at least attractive.

OK, I know the real reason is oil. We need to keep those areas under our control so that we can control the flow of oil from central Asia. But, think about that. We’ve pissed away almost $3 trillion dollars over the last decade between wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, plus all of the military effort that has been expended in the Middle East in general. How many oil wells could we have drilled on the North American continent for that amount? How many nuclear power plants could we have built in North American with that money. (At $2 billion per power plant, the answer is 1500. That amount of power would far surpass the energy needs of the USA for decades.) How many billions of solar panels could we have installed for that amount of money, thus lessening our insane need for Muslim oil? If you want to get on the global warming band wagon (which is a total scam), how much less carbon would we be emitting if that money had been spent on alternative energy and alternative energy development, rather than spending it to kill people that hated us before and hate us even more for killing them? While I believe that “global warming” is a total scam, I do believe that we need to develop alternative energy sources! Oil, like all natural resources, IS running out. And, while cars, trucks, homes and businesses can run on alternative energy sources such as solar or wind, or electricity derived from solar and wind, some things, like aircraft, require fossil fuels. We need to develop alternative energy resources to power the aspects of energy usage that can be serviced by alternative energy, while reserving our scarce fossil fuel resources for energy needs that cannot be met by alternative energy, such as aviation.

We cannot ever win the war for minds in the Muslim world because their minds are so polluted with insane beliefs in an imaginary friend named Allah. We could make every Muslim in the world a millionaire, but they would still hate us, because we have our own imaginary friends and will never recognize their imaginary friends and the laws that he dreamed up for his convenience, known as Sharia. More importantly, we have principles called free-speech, freedom of religion, and gender equality. Thus, even ignoring the issue of battling imaginary friends, we would always be hated by Muslims because Islam specifically bans freedom of speech and belief, and forces women into a second class status.

Thus, we are left in a difficult situation where we are pissing away our fortune and the lives of our soldiers in a no-win situation. Our nation is bankrupt and on the verge of defaulting on it’s financial obligations to it’s citizens. While we cannot ever hope to fulfill the Ponzi schemes of FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society, we should at least stop wasting money on foreigners who will never get along with us, and who, in fact, are doing everything they can to kill us and subvert our society.

We should totally abandon Afghanistan and Pakistan. Institute travel bans like we did in the 1970’s with South Africa. We probably even need to confiscate Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, because if we do not, they will turn up against our cities in the civilized world in the next couple of years. We do not need these corrupt countries; they need us. Without our support, perhaps they will, like South Africa did, get smart and join the civilized world. Or, to look at it in a different way, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we forced the Japanese to admit that their leader was not a “god”. A few years later, Japan was one of our best trading partners and friends. If we can convince the Muslims that “Allah” is also not a “god”, and that Muhammad was nothing more than an opportunistic male, just like Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion, we may be able to trade and get along with them in the future.

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