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It’s Time To Simply Cut Off The Spoiled Muslim Brats

Today, (9/11, of all days), the spoiled Muslim brats in Egypt stormed our embassy in Cairo and tore down our flag and burned it. They then went further and demanded that WE apologize to them about supposedly insulting their insane, epileptic, barbarian, misogynist, megalomaniac, pedophile hero Mohammad and his sock puppet Allah! I say enough is enough! We should never, ever apologize to them for anything, and we should insist that they leave the 7th century behind and move into the 21st century. If they refuse to do this, then we should absolutely cut off ALL financial and other aid to their country. That goes especially for military aid.

Since the Islamists took over in Egypt (and Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria, and soon, Syria), they have become Islamist Sharia states, just like I predicted would happen, not democracies. Democracy and Islam are mutually exclusive. Since the fall of Mubarak, we have seen Christians in those nations  severely persecuted and killed and their churches destroyed. We have seen how the 1979 peace treaty has been broken by the fact that Egypt has poured troops and war machines into the Sinai peninsula, and given control of that area over to al Qaeda and other similar organizations. We have even heard proposals that the great pyramids be destroyed, just as the Buddhist temples were destroyed by the Taliban a few years ago.

Egypt, like most Muslim nations that don’t have oil, is an economic basket case. They have virtually no industry and no way to support themselves except through handouts (basically jizzya) from the civilized world and tourism. Of course, now that they are embracing Sharia and re-establishing the Caliphate (which I also predicted a long time ago), no non-Muslim person in their right mind from the civilized world will want to go to Egypt on vacation. Thus, without aid from the civilized world, the nation will perish. Hopefully, Islam will perish along with it. The Islamists have an expression: “Islam is the solution”. Actually, as they will finally find out if we refuse to give in to their temper tantrums and cut off all aid, “Islam is the problem”.

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