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It’s Time To Stop America’s Losers Playing Us For Fools

This has been growing for decades; the losers playing the winners for fools in America. It started in the 1960’s with Johnson’s “Great Society”. He wanted to take the social backstops, like social security, that were stupidly and fraudulently put in place by the most significant destroyer of the American dream, Franklin Roosevelt, and bring them to an impossible crescendo that would totally destroy the greatest nation that ever existed. Social security was a Ponzi scheme of unimaginable proportions. But, in addition to it, many other programs were initiated which would allow the losers in America to suck off the teat of the producers in America for decades, leading to the final collapse of this country, which we are now witnessing. Yes, the collapse is happening even faster in other parts of the world, that adopted socialist ideals and ideologies even earlier than the United States, but the final downfall of the United States (and the global economy) is rapidly approaching.

Social security was the first break in the wall of capitalism and a free society. While it might have seemed like a good idea when started, it was only started as a safety net for people who were too stupid or unfortunate to provide for their own retirement. And, since people were only expected to live a few years beyond the “retirement” age, it was not thought to be dangerous to the national (and world) economy. But, medical science advanced and people ended up living far longer than anticipated. And, to make it worse, people began to expect that social security was meant to provide them with a total and prosperous retirement. That was never the intent. But, by the 1980’s, most stupid Americans expected that they could retire on social security and live happily and prosperously for many decades after they retired.

This belief was even more prevalent in Europe, which adopted socialism even quicker than the United States. Today, we see riots in France because their retirement age has been increased from 60 to 62. Imagine that! People expecting to be able to live off the toil of others from the time they reach the relatively young age of 62! And, this is on top of a culture that expects at least 5 to 8 weeks of vacation per year; again, paid for “by the other guy”.

And now we get into my personal experiences with “poor people” gaming the system. And, if I know a few, then the actual number is huge. The most glaring example was a woman I used to know. After her first divorce, she remarried. When the time came to send her son to a great university to receive an engineering degree, she was dismayed to find out that she could not send her son to the school that he wanted to attend. It seemed that he could not go there without tuition aid, but, the school informed her that she could not get tuition aid because her income, when combined with that of her new husband, was too high. Her new husband said “He’s not my son; I won’t contribute to his college education.” So, like most “poor” or even just underclass people, she gamed the system. Within 3 months and a few days (a no-fault divorce takes a minimum of 3 month), she was divorced from her second husband. Of course, they still lived together as husband and wife; nothing had changed between them; they still “loved” each other. But, they had to be divorced so that her son could qualify for tuition aid. And, now that she was divorced, her son did qualify for, and did receive, tuition aid. And, these were not “poor” people. As a school bus driver, 10 years ago, she made almost $40,000 per year. I don’t know how much her husband made, but I suspect their combined income was close to $100,000 per year, almost 10 years ago. Thus, they were not “poor” by any normal stretch of the imagination. Of course, they were not rich, either. To do that, according to Obamba, you and your spouse need to make at least $250,000 per year, today. But, this was 10 years ago. And, even today, a family income of $250,000 is far from being rich. That income, under the current mortgage loan rules, won’t even qualify you for a nice home in some markets, and would not have qualified you for much of anything a few years ago in places like San Francisco and New York City.

But, she got her “divorce” and her son got a quality engineering education. She later dumped husband 2, and the fact that they were already “divorced” made it that much easier. All she had to do was say “get out!” But, at the time they got divorced, they had no intention to get divorced; it was just a way of gaming the system, much like people get a divorce to avoid the marriage penalty in the income tax system.

In the same way, millions of other Americans are gaming the system. How many food stamp recipients are fat and thus overfed and “over-qualified” for food stamps? How many food stamp recipients have cell phones and cable or satellite tv? If they can afford cable or satellite tv, or even worse, a cell phone, they obviously have no reason to expect food stamps. (If you can’t afford food, how can you afford a cell phone, cable tv, or satellite tv?) We are constantly told that we need illegal Mexican immigrants because Americans will not do the jobs that they do. Well, if Americans were not paid with welfare and food stamps to sit on the couch eating bon-bons, bought with food stamps, while watching Oprah or the Home Shopping Network on the cable or satellite  tv, paid for with welfare or extended unemployment, they would be fighting for their RIGHT to pick lettuce, cotton, brussel sprouts, beans, or whatever. But, they are paid, and very well, to do nothing. And, of course, on top of that pay, many make money “under the table” as housekeepers, gardeners, drug mules, drug dealers, maids, nannies, or gang enforcers.  Is it any wonder that our country is so totally screwed up?  We need to wake up and realize that the socialist nirvana that has been forced down our throats is a false ideal. We need to realize that if we do not wake up and restrict social welfare to those who genuinely need it (which is probably less than 10% of those now receiving it) we are doomed to abject failure. Everyone needs to read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. It is one of the best books ever written, and it’s prescience is astounding.

And, we need to go beyond the simple course of blocking those who do not deserve public money from receiving it. We need to block the organizations whose goal is the destruction of the United States. This would be any organization affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, such as CAIR, MSA, ISNA, and others. We need to stand up against such atrocities as the Islamist Supremacist Mosque at Ground Zero. We need to stand with Israel in it’s fight to survive. And, we need to vote out those politicians who are actively supporting things like NAFTA, CAFTA, and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. The only purpose of these plans is to enrich multinational corporations by taking American jobs and shipping them overseas, thereby destroying the middle class in America.

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