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Judge Napolitano’s Lunacy, “Rape Never Justifies Abortion” Shows Why Republicans May Loose Election

First, a disclaimer. I am not a Democrat. I never was and I never will be. I used to be a Republican, but the Party’s insane stand on abortion, its takeover by the religious right, its refusal to slash the size of government and to even discuss eliminating income taxes,  have driven me to the Libertarian Party. Sure, the Republicans talk about reducing the size of government, but it exploded under George W. Bush, and while they talk about keeping the immoral income taxes “lower” than the Democrats, they never discuss completely eliminating it. Slashing the size of government and eliminating the income tax are the only two things that the government can do, at this point,  to put this country (maybe) back onto a route to recovery. Otherwise, it is doomed.

That being said, Judge Napolitano recently wrote an article in the Washington Times titled “NAPOLITANO: Akin absurdity aside, rape never justifies abortion”. In it, he correctly stated that Akin has a “clearly erroneous understanding of the human female anatomy.” He went on:

In a now infamous statement, in which he used the bizarre and unheard-of phrase “legitimate rape,” the congressman gave the impression that some rapes of women are not mentally or seriously resisted. This is an antediluvian and misogynistic myth for which there is no basis in fact and which has been soundly and justly condemned.

Mr. Akinalso stated that the female anatomy can resist unwanted impregnation. This, too, is absurd, offensive and incorrect.

So far, so good. Napolitano got it correct with these statements. But then, he goes into the usual misogynistic and paternal type of statements that have been driving women and men like me away from the Republican Party for decades. In fact, I personally believe that the real core belief of today’s Republican Party is that women must be forced to have children that they don’t want and maybe can’t afford, and that we need to establish some sort of Christian theocracy. All that talk about less government and lower taxes is just that; talk. The idea that a woman who was raped, or the victim of incest, has to carry that unwanted child to birth is not only absurd and cruel, but it is what might be expected in a paternal society. After all, the father does not have to carry the child for 9 months, go through the pains of birth, and then figure out how the baby is going to be cared for. It is not the father’s life that may be destroyed by having to give up a promising career or drop out of school to raise the child. It is not the father’s life that is put at risk by the act of childbirth. (Sure, Napolitano admits that abortion is ok if a woman’s life is at risk, but sometimes it is the birth, itself, that results in the death of the mother. Furthermore, there is often no way to accurately predict that a particular childbirth will result in the death of the mother, and abortion at that time would be a full-term abortion, or what the Republicans revel in calling a “partial birth abortion”).

I don’t think many people approve of late-term, or full-term, abortions. I certainly don’t. At some point, you are dealing with a human being; that is, a sentient, fully formed, thinking, reasoning being that can survive outside of the womb without extreme medical intervention. And I don’t think that women should use abortion as their primary means of birth control. But to say that a woman who has been raped, or the victim of incest, cannot use a morning-after pill or get an abortion when she finds that she is pregnant after missing her first period, is barbaric. It is as insane as the (again Republican) ban on stem cell research using a few cells in a petrie dish that would be thrown out otherwise. In fact, since men cannot get pregnant, I would say that abortion is none of their business; period. It is up to a woman, or a woman and her doctor. And, if you want to bring religion into the matter (which is the only “rational” way that you can argue against early-term abortion), then God is the biggest abortionist of all time, since a miscarriage is, basically, an abortion. And yet, I don’t see Republicans shaking their fists at the sky and screaming “DAMN YOU GOD” when every miscarriage occurs, any more than I see Tim Tebow shouting “DAMN YOU GOD” every time one of his plays go bad. I guess God is beyond reproach; only his good deeds get recognized. (I’m sure that many individuals, women and what Akin might call their “wanted” partners, DO damn God when a miscarriage occurs, and I fully understand that, but I am talking about the Republican Party here, not individuals who want a child.)

Many Republicans even oppose federally funded birth control for women! Talk about paternalism and misogyny! I’m not sure what their stand is on federally funded Viagra, but that would be an interesting thing to look up if I had the time. Of course, I can see them being against both federally funded birth control for women and Viagra if they were for smaller government and more personal responsibility, thus eliminating most federal health care (and other) funding. But that is not the issue that they harp on. In fact, the Republicans don’t even limit their concern to federally funded programs. Their objection to insurance paying for birth control often extends to private health insurance plans where they have no business poking their heads. In fact, if Republicans really wanted to reduce the cost of health care, they should be anxious to pay for birth control, since birth control, when properly used, usually results in no pregnancy. Pregnancy, and especially the raising of the child after birth, is monumentally more expensive than birth control.

To add to the lunacy of his article, Napolitano then goes on to posit that the reason our economy is so bad is because of abortion! He gets it right when he blames Roosevelt and LBJ for the welfare state that is crushing this country. (And he should have added Woodrow Wilson who forced the personal income tax and the Federal Reserve on us.) But, to say that we would be better off with many more people is absurd. Especially since many of the people that would be born if abortion was not available would be born to poor, often single, poorly educated people who can barely afford to get by themselves, let alone properly raise a child, or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or more children. We constantly hear how illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans (which they are). What do you think would happen with many of these babies born to mothers who did not want them and could not afford them? True, they would not be illegal, but they would still be taking jobs from a job market that is rapidly shrinking due to outsourcing, bad economic policies, the devastating decline in the quality of America’s educational system, and high taxes.  If having lots of poor, unwanted, uneducated people could make a country rich and prosperous, many African nations would have thriving economies that would be the envy of the world.


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