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Just How Stupid Do They Think We Are: Taliban Clearly Claimed Responsibilty For NYC Attempted Bombing

I announced the Youtube video a few hours ago. It was released by the “Taliban Channel”, and they set up the channel on 4/30/10. Then, a few hours after the failed attrocity, they claimed credit for it. Looking at the video, which has been removed by YouTube, it was “professionally” produced, and was not something that someone could put together in a few hours, especially given the fact that they set up the channel the day before the attempted attack.

I wish I had recorded the video, so that it could now be shown. But, hopefully, the FBI, and other agencies, have made copies of it. But, it was clearly a video made to take claim for the bombing, and the creators clearly had advanced knowledge of the bombing. Know that, no matter what the “powers that be” tell you about it.

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