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Koran Burning Murders Designed to Make Blasphemy an International Crime

It was no accident that the UN compound was attacked in Afghanistan in response to the burning of a Koran by Florida Pastor Terry Jones. Of course, representatives of the UN, and others, stated that they could not understand why UN aid workers were targeted for murder, but that is just stupidity, deception, or naivete. The reason UN workers were targeted was specifically to help the 57 member Organization of the Islamic Conference in the UN pressure the UN to pass a treaty that would make blasphemy an international crime, thus making free speech illegal, even in the United States. (Of course, they don’t give a hoot about blasphemy if the target is any religion other than Islam.) By specifically murdering UN workers, they know that they are likely to be able to force the feckless UN to adopt a policy that would criminalize free speech.

In fact, the UN has passed such a law almost every year recently. Fortunately, the United States has veto power and it has used it to defeat the law, year after year. However, with high government and military officials denouncing the burning of a Koran and concentrating their ire on Pastor Jones rather than going after the real criminals in this situation, the Muslims who are burning, looting, and killing because a book “revealed” by an insane, epileptic, barbarian, megalomaniac, pedophile was burned is totally outrageous.

The sooner we just give up on Muslim nations, and stop deceiving ourselves that Islam can be reformed, the better. We have wasted trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan with the stated goal of bringing democracy to these countries. But, democracy and Islam are mutually exclusive, and they always will be. Once we leave Iraq, it will become an outpost of Iran. Once we leave Afghanistan, it will remain a seventh century Hell hole. Neither will be a democratic nation. Both will be Islamic nations. We need to simply give up on Muslim nations. Bring home our troops, stop all aid, revoke all visas, and maybe even impose a travel ban on US citizens to Muslim nations. (After all, these Muslim nations don’t contribute anything of value to the world except oil, and we can get all the oil we need from Canada, Mexico, and the United States, especially if we resume drilling, which should have been stepped up years ago. By stopping travel between the United States and Muslim nations, especially Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan, we would prevent at least some of the home-grown jihadists from getting training in Muslim lands.)

If we just ignore these countries, and refuse any and all aid unless and until they make political Islam illegal (which must also be done in the United States, since the stated goal of Muslim organizations in the United States is to take over the country and impose Sharia law), these countries will break into sectarian violence that will eliminate much of their population. Eventually, the remaining Muslims in these countries will see the error of their way and throw Islam into the trash-heap of history, as was done to Nazism, Fascism, emperor worship, and communism.

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