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Legalize Drugs, Not Illegal Immigrants

As anyone who watches the news knows, our borders are totally open and our nation is being invaded by a horde of illegal immigrants. Of course, that is not all that is coming across the border. Korans, Urdu-to-English dictionaries, and other things have been found that demonstrate that our nation is also being invaded by Muslims, many of whom are undoubtedly terrorists. Also, just like our totally porous border allows drugs to come across, there is no reason to think that tools of terror like radioactive materials, surface-to-air missiles, and perhaps even nuclear weapons are being imported. There is no reason to allow this to continue. Of course, we know that the reason the Obama administration is not defending the border and blocking the passing of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants is because they know that most of these illegal immigrants will become undocumented democratic voters.

This is treason, and Obama should be impeached for this action, alone. But, given that neither party seems inclined to defend the Constitution and enforce our border, something else must be done. Why are these people coming here? Of course, we all hear the story that we need illegal Mexicans because they will do the work that Americans won’t do. Of course, the only reason Americans won’t do the work is because we give them welfare, food stamps, and almost unlimited unemployment so that they can stay home, eat Bon-Bons, and watch Oprah. If we stopped these ludicrous policies, then Americans would do the jobs that are currently done by illegal Mexicans. They would have no choice. Of course, many would get other jobs, but there would be no shortage of farm workers, etc. And, lets not forget, if we make these illegal immigrants citizens, then they, too, can stay home and collect welfare, food stamps, and other benefits. Why wouldn’t they?

But there are other issues. We are now hearing that many of the illegal immigrants are coming from Costa Rica, Honduras, and other Hell-holes in Central America. Why are they coming here? Well, many are undoubtedly coming here for the same reasons that Mexicans are coming here. But, many claim that they live in fear of their lives in their country of origin because of drug gangs. If that is so, then the solution is simple; get rid of the drug gangs and the whole illegal drug trade. Of course, it is the responsibility of the host countries to control the drug trade and gangs within their borders, but, just like in Mexico, that is not going to happen because the governments are too corrupt and the payoffs from the illegal drug trade are too attractive. So, we must legalize drugs in the United States. This would end most of these problems. And, it would also slash the number of people in jail in the United States. The United States has a higher percentage of its population in jail than any other supposedly civilized nation in the world. This statistic is second, only, in shame to the fact that we spend more money on education (a lot more) than any other nation and produce some of the stupidest students in the world.

Will legalizing drugs ruin some lives by turning some people into addicts who would not have become addicts if drugs remained illegal? Yes. But I suspect the number is far lower than the number of lives that are currently being ruined by dealing drugs and being arrested and thrown into jail where they can learn to be even more hardened criminals. Plus, once a person has been in jail as a felon, it is very difficult for them to get a decent job once they have done their time. Thus, they stay in the business of crime. And, most of the people who are in jail in the United States are there because of drug related crimes. Legalizing drugs will put the brakes on the gang situation in many countries and allow our country to seal its border. And, it will also have the benefit of preventing hundreds of thousands of citizens from having their lives ruined by stupid drug laws.

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  1. James says:

    “Our country is over run by Muslims who the majority of are terrorists” This is the most ignorantly racist and illinformed bullshit I’ve ever read. Why is there not a screening process for what fucking douchebags can put on the internet. Hey guy, just because you have a keyboard doesn’t mean you need to use it to infest the rest of the population with your stupidity. I was looking for an answer to why people are so stupid, found this page, read your shit, and all it did was concrete the fact that most people are fucking bags of dicks. You sir, are a complete moron. You need to quit watching Fox News and fucking educate yourself. God the fucking ignorance I see online. I wish I could punch you in the fucking mouth. Or let some of my Muslim friends do it. I’m sure they’d enjoy it just as much. But then, you’d probably just call them a terrorist. Do you know what a terrorist is? Obviously not. You are a terrorist. Spreading fear and hate. That’s a fucking terrorist. So good job. You’re a fucking terrorist. I bet you’re a fucking Christian too that believes god fit over 2 million species of animal life on a fucking 450 foot boat… Douchebag…

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