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Looks More And More Like Supertanker M Star Was Attacked

It was pretty clear that something unusual happened to the supertanker M Star in the Strait of Hormuz on July 28. Based on the fact that Iran blamed a rogue wave caused by a non-existent earthquake made me immediately suspect Iran as the culprit. And, the fact that they just launched 4 new indigenous submarines tended to make me even more suspicious, especially in view of the fact that there did not seem to be much, if any, explosive residue, while there was clearly a dent. Could it have been rammed by a submarine? (And, submarines have been known to collide with supertankers in the Strait of Hormuz in the past, although not intentionally.)

But, now it looks more and more like the claims of an al-Qaeda aligned Muslim group, the Brigades of Abdullah Azzam, that they attacked the ship may be true. While some people doubted the claim, they have made reliable claims in the past. Anyway, it was just reported by Kyodo News that

Soot marks radiating from the damaged section of the ship’s starboard quarter suggest something exploded near the surface of the water next to the hull.

The findings were reported Wednesday to an investigative panel of private-sector and government experts. The ministry also told the panel that a crew member heard a loud sound and felt a shock on the starboard side at the time and saw a descending red flash.

I suspect we will see more of these kinds of attacks in the future.

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