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All Media Must Publish All Mohammad Cartoons

I noticed that my page hits were going up rapidly, mostly because I have been outspoken in emphasizing that it is important to ridicule Islam, and especially Mohammad, because it is only by ridicule that we are going to discredit and eventually eliminate (or at least bring into the 19th century) Islam. (It will be generations before we bring them into a more modern time because they are so brainwashed, starting as children.) Lets face it, Muslims revere a 7th century, insane, epileptic, barbarian, misogynist, megalomaniac, pedophile named Mohammad and his sock puppet Allah.  The atrocity that occurred in France, today, was just another example of that fact.

The satirical magazine Charlie-Hebdo has been publishing satirical cartoons about Mohammed, Islam, and all other religions and religious characters for years. And, it is their absolute right to do so. If they, or anybody else, is stopped from publishing cartoons or satire, then free speech is dead and the civilized world is doomed. And, as I will point out later, Europe is especially threatened by Islam since they are even more politically correct than the United States and have catered to Muslim immigrants and  allowed them to live by themselves, in their own communities, without even making a token effort to assimilate into society.

Here are some of those cartoons from Charlie-Hebdo.






For these totally harmless cartoons, Muslims went, well, Muslim.


Hopefully, people will finally start admitting that Islam really is something that must be stamped out, and that the civilized world needs to stop bending over backward to avoid “offending” the perpetually offended. Lets face it, most wars in the world, today, are because of Islam. The United States has pissed away over $3 trillion dollars over the last 14 years, not to mention thousands of lives, fighting Islam. It is time we cut them off from the civilized world, make them live by our laws if they want to live in the Western world, and not tolerate their temper tantrums, violence, and barbarity.

It is also vital that the media publish as many of the cartoons as possible. Lets face it, the Piss Christ “art” exhibit did not cause death or rioting. Sure, it upset a few Christians, but they didn’t resort to violence. Oh, you did hear about that? The very fact that you did not hear about that is, itself, an indication that Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and others, have learned to “grin and bear it”. Some even have a sense of humor about such things. Here is a picture of that “art”.

piss_christNow, imagine what would have happened if that “artist” had taken  a representation of Mohammad and put it in a bottle of his own urine, instead?! You know what would have happened, and what the Muslims would have claimed later.muslims_not_problem

Since I noticed about 10 times the normal volume on my site, today, and most of it was searching for the Mohammad cartoons published by Jyllands-Posten a few years ago, I thought I would make it easier for people and publish them again.

jyllands-posten-mohammedBut, since it is obviously necessary to start getting Muslims used to being ridiculed, just like the rest of us have been over the years, here are some more cartoons that I found, and published, over the years.

Muhammad in Hell; Dante's Inferno Canto 28, verses 30-31; Illustration by Gustave Dore Source: Gutenberg Project

Muhammad in Hell; Dante’s Inferno Canto 28, verses 30-31; Illustration by Gustave Dore Source: Gutenberg Project












And, for those of you that think that Muslims want to leave in peace in the civilized world and integrate into society like the rest of us did, I have two more cartoons for you.




And, as a final comment on Islam and the Koran.

mohammed_invents_new_religionLets all stand up for free speech and freedom of the press.


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  1. Billie Trout Patterson says:

    No one knows what he looked like!
    Why doesn’t a film maker make a movie about what we know about Mohammed? I would love to attend it.