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More Evidence That Global Warming Belief Is A Religion

As was recently reported in the Telegraph, a judge in Great Britain has ruled that belief in man made climate change is now, officially, a religion, and is entitled to religious protection.

An executive has won the right to sue his employer on the basis that he was unfairly dismissed for his green views after a judge ruled that environmentalism had the same weight in law as religious and philosophical beliefs.

In a landmark ruling, Mr Justice Michael Burton said that “a belief in man-made climate change … is capable, if genuinely held, of being a philosophical belief for the purpose of the 2003 Religion and Belief Regulations”.

The ruling could open the door for employees to sue their companies for failing to account for their green lifestyles, such as providing recycling facilities or offering low-carbon travel.

The article later goes on:

In March, employment judge David Heath gave Mr Nicholson permission to take the firm to tribunal over his treatment.

But Grainger challenged the ruling on the grounds that green views were political and based on science, as opposed to religious or philosophical in nature.

John Bowers QC, representing Grainger, had argued that adherence to climate change theory was “a scientific view rather than a philosophical one”, because “philosophy deals with matters that are not capable of scientific proof.”

That argument has now been dismissed by Mr Justice Burton, who last year ruled that the environmental documentary An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore was political and partisan.

The decision allows the tribunal to go ahead, but more importantly sets a precedent for how environmental beliefs are regarded in English law.

Now, we see further evidence that belief in man-made global warming is, in fact, a religion. The following is a controversial new cartoon that is showing in Great Britain. It is designed to not only make children believe that man-made global warming is real, but that it will cause the drowning of puppies and the starvation of bunny rabbits. I kid you not! And, to make matters worse, these impressionable children are lead to believe that this coming death and destruction is the fault of their parents, for doing normal things like driving cars and heating their homes.

When you see this, you begin to see that there may be some truth to man-made global warming being a religion. After all, what is a religion but an irrational belief in myths, lies, and legends. And, why are so many otherwise sensible adults religious? Probably because they were brainwashed, as children, by society and their parents to believe in religious nonsense. (Richard Dawkins has famously called this child abuse.) This brainwashing is very effectively used by Palestinians in poisoning the minds of their children, as seen in one of their “cartoon-like” children’s programs, shown below. (By the way, in case you have not heard of the “cartoon controversy”, where Mohammad was “defamed”, or ” dishonored”, because it was so widely censored in the West, I have them here.)

Oh, and by the way Asud, Palestine was a Christian city long before Mohammad was even a cataract in his mother’s eye, and you don’t see mainstream Christians rampaging and demanding a “return to their homeland”. So, get over it!

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