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More Evidence US, NATO, Handing Libya To Islamists, Like Mustafa Abdel Jalil

Several months ago I wrote about how it was pretty clear that Mustafa Abdel Jalil was an Islamist; he clearly has the mark of the Islamist, his pronounced zebiba. Now, there is further evidence that he is an Islamist, and that the United States and NATO through their stupidity, lack of knowledge of Islam, political correctness, or all three, are handing the reigns of government in yet another Muslim nation to the Islamists. As I predicted in another article, Egypt is now pretty firmly in the hands of the Islamists, and the “government” that finally results in that country will not be a democracy in any sense that could be understood by the modern, Western, civilized world, but a 7th century Sharia state, just like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, and, soon, Yemen, Ivory Coast, Syria, and Libya.

It has been reported by several sources that Abdel Fattah Younes was executed by “Islamists” in Libya. While Jalil claims that he was murdered by unknown assailants after being summoned to Benghazi for questioning by his self-proclaimed new Libyan government, Debkafile is reporting that it was Jalil, himself, who ordered the execution because he saw Younes as a moderate potential candidate for leadership in the new Libya, thus acting as competition to the Islamist side represented by Jalil. (Washington and Europe clearly do not seem to recognize him as an Islamist, despite the clearly visible zebiba on his forehead that  marks him as an Islamist. You don’t get that by being a “moderate” Muslim, as I explained in my earlier article about him.)

Clearly, he was executed by people he trusted while he was being taken to Benghazi under orders from the new government, which is headed by Jalil, as explained in an article from Reuters.

The assassination of Abdel Fattah Younes, apparently by his own side, has hurt the opposition just as it was winning broader international recognition and launching an offensive against Gaddafi’s forces in the west of the country.

After 24 hours of confusion, rebel minister Ali Tarhouni said Younes had been killed by fighters who went to fetch him from the front and that his bullet-riddled and partially burned body was found at ranch near the rebel capital of Benghazi.

Later, the article goes on.

Younes knew and trusted the men who came to fetch him and went without a struggle when they explained they had a judge’s order to take him to Benghazi for questioning, the rebels said.

No matter who killed Younes, it is clear that the West has no clue as to what it is doing in the Muslim world. We wasted trillions of dollars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq only to see them remain backward, 7th century Sharia states in the cases of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and as soon as we leave Iraq, we will see it regress from a relatively modern, generally secular state, to a Sharia state that is primarily a satellite of Iran.


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