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More Global Warmingista Fraud: Gore’s New Book Cover

This story was just broken at the wattsupwiththat website. Al Gore’s new book “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis” has a very deceptive bit of photoshopping on the cover. Of course, first of all, we all know there is no genuine climate crisis, as the recent leaks of e-mails and documents from the Climate Research Center have proven beyond any reasonable doubt. But, as shown in the above breaking story, Al’s book cover is interesting. On the outer jacket, you see a picture of North America as you would expect to see it.


But then, if you open the cover, you see the ridiculous image below.


How stupid is that? It reminds me of the dumbest movie I ever saw, “The Day After Tomorrow”.

The_Day_After_TomorrowI guess I should cut Al some slack, since the book was obviously produced before the whole thing was shown to be a total scam, as I’ve maintained for years. But, you would think he might be a little more sensible. Note all of the hurricanes, but there is no known relationship between global warming (if it existed) and hurricanes. Also, note that Florida is almost gone, Cuba is gone, and so is much of Central America, in spite of the inconvenient  truth that Central America has many mountains over 6000 feet high. The hurricane near Florida is spinning in the wrong direction. Greenland’s 3000 foot thick ice sheet is gone, replaced by open ocean. (What happened to the Greenland under the ice? Did it “melt” from the extreme heating?)

This is just so totally wrong and shameful, it is hard to believe the main stream media is not all over it, especially given the fact that the leaked materials from the Climate Research Unit clearly show that the whole thing was about politics, transfer of wealth, and establishment of a “one world government”. It has nothing to do with science. Of course, your not hearing much about the leaks from the CRU from the main stream media, either. Could it be because they are co-conspirators? Probably.

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