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More Outrageous Commercials…Boycott Build-A-Bear

I have written before about incredibly stupid commercials meant to brainwash the minds of young, impressionable children by making them believe that puppies will drown, bunny rabbits will starve, and polar bears will fall from the skies and die because their mean, thoughtless parents drive cars and heat their homes. I’ve also stated how evil it is that children in Palestine are brainwashed by cartoon-like characters on children shows to hate Jews and to grow up to be terrorists. Richard Dawkins famously stated that indoctrinating children with specific religious beliefs before they are old enough to think for themselves is a form of child abuse.
And, lets not forget the abominably wrong “About Your Father” letter from Clive Hamilton. In that, he actually said:

I am sure it’s hard for you to hear these words, but there is something you can do to help. Why not sit your dad down and have a good talk to him. Tell him you want him to stop helping the big companies that are spoiling the future for you and all the other kids at school. Tell him that the family would rather have less money if he had a different job, one you could be proud of.

So, I really did not think things could get too much worse. But, of course, I was wrong. Now, the Build A Bear company has come out with this atrocious attempt to brainwash children about global warming and other leftist trash. The videos talk about the North Polar ice cap melting in 2 days, and global warming causing the cancellation of Christmas. They even had the audacity to mention that the cute penguins (with Australia accents) were working at the “Global Village Research Center”. (Hillary would be so proud.)  When mentioning the fact that the warming could cause the North Pole to disappear in 2 days, they dutifully reported 2 days as “The Day After Tomorrow.” When they showed their “research” book, I was actually surprised that they did not show the rediculously fraudulent cover of Al Gore’s newest book. (And, I am not even going to insert a shameless plug here, in the form of an Amazon link, because I don’t want anybody to buy his book, even if that purchase might net me a few cents.)

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