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More Security Theatre: TSA Takes Nail Clippers From Armed Soldier

Of course, anyone with even half a brain knows that the naked body scanners and sexual assault of passengers by the TSA has nothing to do with airline security and everything to do with teaching people to be servile slaves. “Ve vill tell you vhat to do, and you vill do it! You stink, there is zee shower; take one.” And, of course, they are just getting us used to more and more intrusions into our lives. We are told that we must submit to naked body scanners and sexual assault or we will be fined $11,000. Hopefully thousands of people will challenge the TSA and their outrageous and unconstitutional procedures on November 24, 2010, national “opt out day“. If enough people challenge the system, it will have to be changed. Many people have simply stated that they will not fly commercially again until the system is fixed. I include myself in that group, along with Governor Jesse Ventura. Many people will also be suing the TSA, or have already filed suits. Penn Jillette, after an “enhanced pat down” at the Las Vegas airport, called police to file sexual assault charges against the screener. Several district attorneys have stated that the TSA is not above the law, and they will be stationing personnel to watch what is going on at airport screening areas and to receive complaints from travelers and to file civil and/or felony assault and or battery charges against TSA personnel who touch travelers breasts or genitals. (According to one district attorney, if a TSA agent touches a woman’s breasts or anyone’s genitals from outside the clothing, it is a misdemeanor assault, and charges will be brought. If the agent has skin to skin contact, it is a felony sexual battery. Lets hope hundreds are charged with the crimes that they seem to be committing with impunity.)

Lets remember, the government is the reason that the naked body scanners were introduced and the sexual assault on passengers was instituted. We keep being reminded that this is all necessary because Abdulmutallab, the “underpants bomber” tried to blow up an airliner bound for Detroit from Amsterdam on Christmas day, 2009. But, it came out in Congressional testimony that the government had been informed about Abdulmutallab long before that flight, both through their sources and from his own father. But, when the government was about to revoke his US visa, someone in the government prevented that from happening, thus enabling Abdulmutallab to try to blow up the airliner. In fact, the government is so complicit in the event that a “sharp dressed man” got Abdulmutallab onto the airliner in Amsterdam after the airline refused him boarding because he did not have a passport! Thus, the government knew he was a danger, but would not allow proper actions to be performed to prevent him from flying, and then went so far as to put him on the airplane in spite of clear objections from security and airline personnel in Amsterdam!

So, the government created the crisis to justify the further intrusion into our privacy. We are only lucky that the bomb did not go off. I’m sure the government had no way to know, for sure, that Abdulmutallab would be shooting blanks. But, we are now forced to be photographed naked (and just wait until some of the scans, that supposedly cannot be stored, of famous people are made public) and sexually assaulted in the name of “safety”. Well, we already know that al Qaeda has perfected the ass bomb. I suspect we will see that used before the end of the year, maybe even over the Thanksgiving holiday. After all, the malls will be packed with shoppers the day after Thanksgiving, and a few ass bombs would not only kill dozens, or even hundreds, but would undoubtedly result in anyone wanting to fly or go to a mall having to receive a digital rectal and vaginal exam first. But, hey, they’ve already trained us to accept TSA agents getting to second base; why not third?

And, in a further example of the pure lunacy of the TSA, it was reported that a plane-load of soldiers returning from Iraq were forced to go through screening, again, in Indianapolis, even though they had already been through screening before boarding the flight in Iraq. You have a line of soldiers, all carrying their automatic weapons, side arms, and machine guns being forced to remove their boots and go through screening, during which at least one soldier had his nail clippers confiscated, because they could be used as a weapon!

Yet when the plane stopped in Indianapolis to let 100 National Guard members off, the TSA insisted on re-searching all the passengers. “It’s probably important to mention that we were ALL carrying weapons,” the soldier writes. “All of us were carrying actual assault rifles, and some of us were also carrying pistols,” though they weren’t loaded, and everyone had already been searched for ammo. Yet when the TSA found nail clippers on one of the soldiers, they insisted on confiscating them. “You can’t take those on the plane,” the TSA official said. “They can be used as a weapon.” When the solider replied that he was permitted to take an actual weapon on the plane, the agent replied, “Yeah but you can’t use it to take over the plane. You don’t have bullets.” Asked the soldier, “And I can take over the plane with nail clippers?” Apparently. He reboarded without them … but with his weapon, along with 232 other gun-toting fliers.

Of course, no matter what type of bomb a traveler may be carrying, this screening is not necessary. The safest airline in the world is arguably El Al. But, they do not use naked body scanners, and they do not sexually assault passengers. They screen passengers. They profile passengers. (Oh, the thought of actually looking for a terrorist based on the fact that we know what a terrorist looks like! They are young Muslim males. Period. Not 80 year old catholic nuns, old men with artificial knees, or young Christian women with children.) As one high official at El Al related to G. Gordon Liddy: “You in the United States are looking for nail clippers. We, here in Israel, are looking for terrorists.”  (About 2 minutes into audio.)

If we do not adopt common sense and get away from political correctness, it will be the end of our nation, starting with the end of commercial air travel.


  1. Tomthetruthtell says:

    This is a tipical Government operated “one size fits all regulation” hamstrung operation. It serves to point out the total inability for this federal government to do anything correctly. It also points out the success of a ban of Islamic terrorist to effect not just national security but national expence (Millions of dollars spent) and debate. The best that can come of this, in my opinion, is for the Government to wash its hands of the issue and allow the individual airlines to secure their flights. The airlines should be given access to national computerised suspect files. They should be allowed to use any and all techniques to include profileing. If they are not hamstrung they will take care of business.

  2. Andy says:

    In answer to your question “How Can People Be So Stupid?” I ask myself the same thing when I read the drivel that you have typed here. I can’t imagine the uproar that would erupt in this country from idiots such as you if the authorities DID enact the Israeli method of profiling.

    Oh. My. God!!! They are actually singling out young muslim males for additional security! Oh the horror, the prejudice of it all! Well we may as well just give the TSA screeners white hoods to wear.

    By treating EVERYONE the same as far as pat downs and searches are concerned, the authorities are bending over to the god of political correctness – the same thought process that people like you no doubt preach every day of our life.

    Get over it. These checks and searches are here to stay so you better get used to it.

  3. Brysen says:

    Damn, I wish I could think of smoetinhg smart like that!