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Morons At Cancun Climate Conference Sign Petition To Ban Water And To Cause US GDP To Decline By 6%

I kid you not, the climate wackos are really out there. Of course, we all know that “Global Warming”, now called “Climate Change”, is nothing but a total fraud instituted to transfer wealth from developed, modern nations, like the United States, to backward, undeveloped (and mostly corrupt) third world nations. Just the fact that the UN and people like Al Gore are involved should convince people that it is nothing but a fraud to help bring in global government and to transfer wealth. But, here is more proof about the agenda, and intelligence, of the people at the Cancun Climate Conference. (Which, by the way, has had a very poor turn-out compared to last year’s conference in Copenhagen, probably because many people now realize what a scam the whole thing is.) But, in this great video, delegates sign a petition to cause the US Gross Domestic Product to drop 6% over the next 10 years if they don’t cooperate with the climate changers and agree to implement the Kyoto Protocol. “Yea, I’ll sign that!” remarks one useful idiot. Later, as people stand there drinking water, they sign a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide. (In case you could not afford your ticket to Cancun, dihydrogen is H2, or hydrogen. Monoxide is O, for oxygen. Thus, dihydrogen monoxide is another word for H2O, which is the scientific symbol for water.)

h/t gateway pundit, JAWA Report, Watts Up With That


  1. Wiser says:

    Yes, I’ve noticed how blatantly ignorant/stupid people are as well. It’s sad really… Even more unfortunate is the fact that it’s difficult to avoid the masses of ignorant/stupid people in this world, they’re everywhere. Some would assume that saying people are ignorant/stupid is a form of psychological projection, but unfortunately, for the smart one’s, it’s not.

  2. Netsurfer says:

    As always, global warming is a tactic that progressive liberals play to crush the life out of your everyday living! Take note on what has happened! Our government won’t let us drill any more oil! Our oil prices are going through the roof now! There is no end in sight! Our businesses are going over seas more and more, because of all the environmentalist policies! Meaning that jobs are becoming more and more harder to find.

    Who are they kidding??? While China continues to become more free, we have too suffer because of our own governmental policies! Who made them rich and powerful in the first place and how??? Our government supports communists, dictators and kings. Hmmmm, let’s step back a bit and look at this with a practical understanding! Our president supports thugs, communists, dictators and kings, while we turn a blind eye!

    Even our air tanker deal is under consideration to Airbus with our tax payer dollars! It should never even be considered! It’s our money not theirs!!! Kind of like having a fox in the chicken pen! It only proves that education is the only way out!!!


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