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“Muslim Brotherhood In America, Part 2” – Stakelbeck On Terror

This is the second of a two part series on the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The first part of the series is here.

In this episode, Erick Stakelbeck finishes his discussion on the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities to subvert the government of the United States and replace the Constitution of the United States with Sharia law. While completely illegal, the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood, and it’s many front groups such as CAIR, MSA, ISNA, and others are not only ignored by the government of the United States, but individuals with known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood have been invited and admitted into top secret facilities such as the National Counter-Terrorism Center and the FBI training center. It seems that our government is totally bent on self-destruction.

This video also points out how Muslims are illegally taking over the streets of Paris, well along in their intended path of Islamizing Europe and creating what Bat Ye’Or presciently described as “Eurabia”. It is both disturbing and disgusting that Western civilization has stooped so low as to allow such barbarity to exist without any real opposition. Yes, France has wisely banned the burqa, but I suspect it will have a hard time enforcing that ban, when it is totally incapable of controlling the other illegal actions of Muslims.

The video also includes a discussion with the former president of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar. He has started a group known as “Friends Of Israel”. While he is somewhat a lone voice in the wilderness, he, and a few other leaders, realize that the current demonizing  of Israel for defending it’s right to exist in a very hostile Islamic land is a very dangerous trend. As goes Israel, so goes the rest of civilization. Islam, and the Muslim Brotherhood, fully intend to take over the world, create a new Caliphate, and bring the world back to the seventh century. We must stand to prevent that.

The video also includes footage of Muslims illegally raising funds in Mosques in the United States for the known terrorist organization, Hamas.

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