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Muslims Desecrate Bibles. Where Are The Christian Rioters?

Of course, we would not expect any, since Christians are not 7th century Barbarians, like a significant percentage of Muslims appear to be. This story took place in a Catholic school in Malawi. It seems that the Gideons gave free copies of the New Testament to any students at the school who wanted them. Although at a Catholic school, in a predominantly Christian nation, the Muslim students went on a rampage. (They must just like to go into a rage, no matter what the cause.) (In this part of the country, apparently the Muslims comprise 75% of the population, so I guess they consider the people at a Catholic school to just be dhimmis who should “respect” Islam.)  The article reports:

Although the school’s director had made it absolutely clear that no New Testaments were to be given to the Muslim pupils and that in no way was any student obliged to take a copy of the book, there was a subsequent uproar on the part of some Muslim youths, who tore up the New Testaments, threw them, howling at their teachers, and then threw the torn-up pages out onto the streets.

Some of the pupils, who live in a nearby Islamic hostel, denounced the New Testament distribution to their religious leaders as an “insult to Islam” and claimed they had been forced to accept them. Which in the following days resulted in Catholics fearing violent attacks by Muslim groups, said the priest.

Moreover, in a subsequent report by the local daily, ‘The Nation’, of which ACN has secured a copy, the events were falsely portrayed as though the copies of the New Testament had been distributed to the Muslim pupils as well. No Christian witnesses were interviewed in the report and none of the Muslims interviewed were actual eyewitnesses of the events. It was also asserted in the report that it was the parents of the pupils who had torn up the books.

Later in the article, Father Chimbwanya made a very astute observation about the danger this type of activity portends.

Father Chimbwanya went on to explain to ACN that “the behaviour of the youths has been an indicator of a danger in our midst. Normally, the Primary school youth in Malawi would not have the courage to tear up any book in the presence of their teacher, let alone a Holy Book. My conclusion is that there must be some awful training given to these youths which if left unchecked, means that we may have dangerous militants in Malawi in the near future.”

He is exactly correct. Once the Muslim population reaches a critical mass in the whole country, they will expect the country to officially become a Muslim nation and live under Sharia rule, which is exactly how Islam has been spread for over 1300 years.

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