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New Video Sums Up Obama’s and Kerry’s “Understanding” of the Middle East and Israel

You’ve got to love this video. It sums up, totally, the complete lack of understanding that the United States’ administration (both Obama and Bush) have of the situation in the Middle East and with Islam in general. With clueless clowns like Obama, Kerry, Rice, Clinton and others “running” things, it is no wonder we are in such a mess in the Middle East. It is this total lack of understanding that gave us such costly and moronic policies as supporting the terrorist organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and why we wasted trillions (with a t) of dollars and thousands of lives trying to bring democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan. Sorry, but democracy and Islam are mutually exclusive. I wish our rulers would learn that lesson, once and for all, and leave the Muslims to kill each other and let Israel take care of itself the way it needs to before they are wiped off the face of the earth by our new “friend”, Iran.

Lets face it, the only reason we are dealing with Iran is because we finally realize that they have nukes and will use them if we push them. We have war gamed going to war with them and found that we would loose most of the 5th fleet if we did. We should have taken them out 12 or 13 years ago, when we had the chance, especially given the fact that they were intimately involved in 911, facilitating the attack plans before 911 and sheltering both bin Laden and Zawahiri after 911 according to several open source accounts by people who know what is going on in the area such as Yossef Bodanski, among others. (In fact, while he was the first to report the sheltering of bin Laden and Zawahiri, a fact that was widely ridiculed by the administration and the lame-stream media, that fact was later confirmed by the US government.)

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