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Not Only Is AGW Fraud, But Global Warming Itself Might Be A Lie

Along with most scientists who do not believe that CO2 is the main cause of global warming, I have believed that the globe was warming.  Generally, the crux of the argument by scientists like me is, so what if the globe is warming? It has been warmer in the past, such as the Medieval Warming Period, the Holocene Climate Optimum, as well as other times. And, more importantly, the world has been much cooler. It is global cooling that will hurt us, not global warming. We went through the little ice age in the late 1700’s and the early 1800’s, and then we warmed up. Is the current warming just a continuation of that warming? I don’t know. Nobody knows. The earth warms and the earth cools. We don’t really understand why.And, the global warmingistas admit this too, when they state that they can’t explain the current lack of warming since 1998, even though CO2 continues to increase.

Is CO2 a greenhouse gas? Yes. But, it is a very minor greenhouse gas. The primary greenhouse gas is water vapor. Also, as a trace greenhouse gas, the effect of CO2 on temperature is not linear. It is logarithmic. That is, if a doubling of CO2 causes some temperature increase (lets say 0.5 degrees Celsius for the sake of this discussion), then, to get another 0.5 degree rise in global temperature would require the CO2 concentration to double again, thus ending up at 4 times the original concentration. And, to get another 0.5 degree increase would require yet another doubling, or 8 times the original CO2 concentration. So, to get a 1.5 degree Celsius temperature rise would require CO2 to increase by a factor of 8 times. Not likely in the next few centuries. And, this is assuming that temperature increases 0.5 degrees for a doubling of CO2, and I suspect the actual number is much lower.

As I have demonstrated, CO2 does not drive global temperature, anyway. We know that from the ice core samples, which clearly show that CO2 levels follow, rather than lead, temperature changes. Thus, CO2 cannot be a primary driver of global temperature.

But today I came across a very interesting article stating that even the assumption that temperatures have risen in the last 60 years may not be true. I have seen other, similar, articles that show that the very temperature measurements that we have been fed by the global warmingistas are very suspect, and have a lot of errors in them. We have seen in the Climategate e-mails and software comments that the global warmingistas were having a very hard time adjusting their data to get the results they wanted. Of course, by now we all know about the infamous “hide the decline” in the fraudulent “hockey stick” graph that was published in the original IPCC finding and Al Gore’s infamous book. (But, how many people actually know that the graph was proven to be totally fraudulent and invalid, and had to be removed from future editions of the IPCC findings? I suspect that not many people in the general public know that fact.)

But the article I found, today, does a very good job of showing just what kind of bogus science was performed by the warmingistas, who are supposedly Ph.D. educated scientists. In this article, along with another excellent article, The Smoking Gun At Darwin Zero, anyone can see just how temperatures may have been manipulated to produce a warming, where, it is possible that none really happened, because of the various errors involved in the measurements, and the way those errors were unscientifically ignored. And, to make matters worse, it looks like some of the most egregious “adjustment” errors may have been performed on the latest data! This data (after 1950) is the very data that should be the most accurate, but NOAA data itself shows that this is the very data that was adjusted the most. And, it was adjusted UP by about 0.6 degrees C.

Things like this, as well as the fact that articles referenced above show how data has been incorrectly “adjusted” to create warming, tend to make me wonder if we have seen any real warming in the last 50 or 60 years. And, Russia has just announced that much of the data from their country was not used, even though it was available. Not only that, but the data that was used tended to be from locations likely to be warm, like cities, and data from rural locations, which are likely to have not warmed, were ignored.

The whole global warming scam just gets worse and worse.


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