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Now That bin Laden’s Dead, Bring Troops Home, Cancel Visas To People From Muslim Countries

Now that bin Laden is finally dead, it is time to stop pissing away trillions of dollars on wars in Muslim nations. We are not going to create democracies; we will only piss money and lives away. And, after bringing the troops home, it is time to get serious with Muslim countries. We should cancel all aid and all visas until those countries come into the 21st century. That means, basically, dumping Islam. They have to admit that Islam was founded by an insane, epileptic, barbarian, misogynist, megalomaniac, pedophile and that it has no place in today’s world. This goes especially for Sharia law, which turns women into second class citizens and non-Muslims into third class citizens.

If the Muslims want to pray 5 times a day and practice their “religion” without supporting Sharia, that is their business. We can’t do much about personal stupidity. But, Sharia law, or political Islam, must be abolished. Until that happens, we should not give them any financial or other aid, and we should not grant visas permitting them to come into the United States. Currently valid visas should be canceled and the holders forced to return to their native countries until those countries dump political Islam and Sharia. Furthermore, we must give serious consideration to instituting travel bans on United States citizens as far as travel to Muslim nations is concerned, similar to the travel ban that we had instituted on South Africa to encourage them to abolish their barbaric apartheid policies. The reason for this is to prevent US Muslim “citizens” from going to Muslim nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen to be trained to carry out terrorist attacks after they return to the United States.

And, we have a precedent for pressuring people to give up some of their “religious beliefs”. After WW2, we forced the Japanese to stop worshiping their emperor and to stop thinking of him as a god. And, the result of that pressure is present day Japan; one of our best allies and trading partners.

If we do these things, and then take serious measures to seal our borders, we will prevent much of the Muslim violence that would otherwise be committed against us. Will this stop all future terrorist attacks? Of course not. But, at least we won’t be wasting money and lives on impossible military missions that accomplish nothing for our relations with Muslim nations, and that certainly do not encourage Muslims to realize the falsity of their “religion”.

To those who fear that these policies might lead to a lack of trade with Muslim countries and that would severely damage our economy, I really can’t think how anything could have been more seriously damaging to our economy than the $3 trillion dollars that we have stupidly squandered in the last 10 years in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. What did we get for it? We got rid of Saddam Hussein (a good thing), and we got rid of bin Laden (a very good thing.) But, other than that, we have accomplished nothing other than to rebuild (or try to) the infrastructure in Iraq. This rebuilding has certainly not been appreciated by the Iraqis, but it will be a big help to Iran when Iraq basically becomes an Iranian satellite state after we leave. (In fact, it could end up that Iran essentially swallows up Iraq after we leave.)

Lets face it; what do we get from Muslim countries (other than terrorists)? Well, from Afghanistan, we get heroin. Besides that, not much. So, what is the loss? From Pakistan, I can’t think of anything that we get other than terrorists. Maybe a few rugs. That’s about it. From Iraq? Nothing. (They have oil, but the country is so dysfunctional, which is typical of Muslim countries, that we don’t get much of that.) Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Lebanon produce nothing of value to our economy. And, now that those countries are going to become, at best, Islamist republics, and at worst, Islamic theocracies, they will be totally antagonistic to our interests. (And, since Egypt depends heavily on tourism for it’s revenue, a travel ban might be especially useful to pressure them to see the falsity of Islam.)

Now, what about oil? Well, the United States does not actually get that much oil from Saudi Arabia. We get most of our oil from Canada, Mexico, and the United States. So, lets “drill, baby, drill” and develop our own oil deposits to the point where we don’t need any oil from Muslim countries. Let the rest of the world deal with them. Plus, we have incredible reserves of coal and natural gas which should be utilized to meet our power needs and to lessen our dependence on oil. Of course, oil is needed for some things, like aviation fuel, but coal and natural gas can be used to produce most other mobile energy needs. Coal can be cleaned to the point where it does not cause acid rain, and since we now know (or should know) that global warming, or climate change, caused by CO2 is nothing more than a scam designed to transfer wealth, we should not worry about the CO2 emissions from clean coal. Natural gas can be used to power vehicles, especially trucks, buses, and delivery vehicles. Furthermore, with an investment into some infrastructure, natural gas could be used to power other vehicles.

Thinking back to the $3 trillion that has been pissed away, one has to shake their head at the opportunity cost of that wasted money. How many advances in alternative energy could have been made with that money? How many nuclear power plants could have been built? How many jobs could have been saved or created? The biggest problem with nuclear power is the “not in my back yard” factor, as well as the danger posed when nuclear plants are located in stupid locations, such as on fault-lines and in areas prone to tsunamis. (The San Onofre nuclear plant in the Los Angeles, California, area comes to mind as an extremely stupid location to build a nuclear plant.) Both of those problems can be resolved by using superconducting technology which allows electricity to be transported over long power lines without a loss of power. The technology already exists; it is just a bit expensive. But, more use of the technology, as well as more research, will bring the cost down. With such transmission lines, nuclear plants could be located in sparsely populated areas that are far from oceans and fault lines.

The bottom line is that it is now time to give up on the Muslim nations. Let them fight among themselves and lessen that gene pool. Let other countries deal with the problems that permitting Muslim immigration creates for their own futures.

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  1. Stephen says:

    While I’ve often been tempted to just seal off undesirable parts of the world (akin to telling a 6 year old to go to their room and think about what they’ve done) in this case I don’t think it would accomplish anything.
    The cone of ignorance over the middle east has survived for thousands of years because they work very hard to KEEP it that way. They actively seek out threats to the status quo and grind them into the ground. Not only that but their rigid observation of religious custom borders on obcessive compulsive disorder.
    Pretty much the only force for forward thinking over there is the West. If we were suddenly gone then they’d spend another thousand years making sweet love to the evolutionary rut they’re in. Their society would be closed, the media would be controlled, they’d keep teaching their doctrine and beating any child that asks a question. In 50 years Americans would be the stuff of legend like vampires or the wolf man. And when they’re ready they’ll burst out of their borders, 50 million idiots strong, oblivious to the fact that the weapons they’re carrying weren’t made by God, and ready to bring about the apocalypse in the name of their mass delusion. Plus the terrorists probably wouldn’t give up in the meantime, they’d just be forced to become creative.
    Basically if we leave them alone the problem will never go away, there will always be this dark hole on the other side of the world that no one wants to think about, threatening to suck all of us in.

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