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Occupy “Whatever”: Leftists, Morons and Lunatics

The whole “Occupy” movement is interesting to follow. Although it “seemed” to come out of nothing, it was clearly anticipated and nurtured from the beginning. Indications are clear that leftist Cretans like George Soros, and leftist organizations like SEIU and other arms of the Democratic Party, are behind it. We also know that the government spent billions of dollars to set up FEMA (concentration) camps for American citizens in the last few years, and spent millions to buy (and essentially lock up the supply of) freeze dried food. Why would a government build FEMA (concentration) camps and buy  millions of dollars  worth of freeze dried foods if they did not expect to need them? The answer is obvious. Just like the “Arab Spring” was a manipulated program to install Islamist governments in many countries (and has now officially succeeded in Tunisia, Libya, and will soon succeed in Egypt), what we have seen in America is an attempt to install a Socialist or  Communistic  government in the United States. Why would anyone with half a brain want to reinstate the failed policies of socialism and communism? Look how well these philosophies worked in Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, and many other countries around the world, to greater or lesser degrees. Lets not forget that the basic cause of the financial meltdown in Greece and other European countries was the socialist policies that they adopted that guaranteed citizens huge pension and other benefits, long vacations, excessive pay, and early retirement. (Essentially a cradle to grave nanny state.) The outcome was clear, and now they have finally run out of the other persons’ money. The same is happening in the United States. In fact, with a total debt of over $100 trillion (not including over a quadrillion dollars in derivatives held by financial institutions that cannot ever be paid), the United States is even more bankrupt than most other countries. The only thing that is “saving” us is that the Fed can print money, while most other countries cannot. Of course, printing money does not solve the problem; it only makes it worse by devaluing the currency and delaying and making worse the final, inevitable  collapse. We can see what happens when currency is devalued by looking at recent history in Argentina and Zimbabwe, or older history in the Wiemar Republic.

And, how could Americans be so stupid? There has never been a successful Communist, Marxist, or Socialist  state. Communism and Marxism do not work, because, in the end, most people want to better their own circumstances, and they do not want to be told by the state what their lot in life will be, or how much they can earn, or how successful they can become. (And, China cannot be considered a successful example of Communism because it is actually easier to go into business and make money in China than it is in the United States. There may be a central Communist Party that ostensibly controls the country (and certainly controls the people), but capitalism is alive and well in China. The primary actions of the Communist Party is to crush dissent and control the personal lives of the citizens, not to control business and how much a person can achieve or not achieve.

Some of the “Occupy” lunatics want to impose a minimum wage of $20/hr. Well, how moronic would that be? At present, the “official” unemployment rate in the United States is about 9%. But, that is a fraud. The real unemployment rate, when you take into account people who are not employed as much as they would like to be, and people who have given up and gone on social security or welfare, or dropped off the rolls of the “officially unemployed” because they have been unemployed for too long, it  is more like 20%. Also, the unofficial number does not include the self-employed who, if they find themselves out of work, cannot be counted since they are not eligible for unemployment. Now, that means that about 80% of Americans ARE employed. But, the median salary is less than $20/hr. That means that  less than 1/2 of the employed Americans make more than $20/hr. Since 1/2 of 80% is 40%, and more than that percentage of people currently make less than $20 per hour, we can approximate and say that about 45 to 50 percent of Americans who are currently working make less than $20 per hour.  Lets be conservative and say 45%.

So, what would result from the moronic demand of the “Occupy” crowd that the minimum wage be raised to $20/hr? All of those people making less than $20/hr would have to be fired because the value of their work would not be equal to the minimum wage! Thus, the unemployment rate of 20% would go to 20%+45%=65%! Imagine that: 65% unemployment. Way to go, Occupy!

This is also why the minimum wage is both stupid and harmful to people who are either new to the labor market or without salable skills. As the minimum wage is forced upward by stupid politicians, there are fewer and fewer jobs available for the unskilled. Furthermore, since there are still some necessary jobs for the unskilled, but American companies cannot afford to pay the minimum wage to Americans to fill those jobs, those jobs are exported to foreign countries that do not have such extravagant minimum wages.

Does the “Occupy” have some legitimate beefs? Yes. We all do. The idea that banksters and large financial firms could create absurdly risky derivatives and then get bailed out by the government with tax payer dollars is a crime. No company should be allowed to be too big to fail. And, those that did fail (which was many of them) should have been allowed to fail. And allowing the executives and traders at those banks to continue to get obscene “bonus checks” is also a crime that must be stopped. You don’t reward failure, and they failed.

The “Occupy” protesters are targeting the wrong group of people. (Of course, since they are sponsored by the Democratic Party and various socialists, they could not be expected to target the correct people, since that would mean biting the hand that feeds them.) But, the real cause of the current problems in this country (and the rest of the Western world) are the politicians who are totally controlled by corporate interests and directed by the lobbyists. It is the stupid rules that they impose, like forcing banks to make loans to people who cannot afford them. It is bowing to the interests of the banksters and repealing the Glass-Steagall Act which forced a separation between investment banks and commercial banks. (In many ways, this act, alone, could have prevented much of the financial carnage created by derivatives since the investment banks that held them would have been separate from the commercial banks and would have gone bankrupt, as they should have, instead of being bailed out by the politicians.) Stupid rules like repealing the uptick rule for shorting stocks which at least lent some drag to the downward direction of stocks when they do drop. Stupid rules like raising the minimum wage. Stupid rules like most of the rules imposed by the EPA and so many other government agencies. Stupid rules like forming and keeping useless and harmful agencies like the Department of Education that has been dumbing down Americans since its inception in 1981. While we spend more money on education than any other country in the world, we produce some of the stupidest students in the world. And, of course, that means that we need to bring in foreign students to fill the scientific and engineering jobs that we do have, but they cannot often be filled by Americans because they are too stupid and uneducated. As someone who has spent many years in graduate school in the field of engineering and physics, I can tell you that there are very few “American” students studying at that level. And, those that are American are almost always of Indian, Chinese, or Japanese ancestry, because those cultures still respect and value learning and education. Of course, they will probably be “Americanized” soon, after which they will value nothing but their favorite sports team, reality tv show, and Hollywood gossip.

Another pet peeve of the Occupy crowd is the claim that they went to college and now have this huge college loan but they can’t get a job. So, they feel that their student loan should be forgiven and they should be given a high paying job! The very fact that they could make such a claim shows that they obviously wasted their money on college tuition, since they obviously learned very little “of value”. And, that is the key: “of value”. What did they get their college degree in? Engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science, nursing, medicine, chemistry or pharmacy (not including the chemistry or pharmacopoeia of  Cannabis)? If so, they would probably have a job, because there are plenty of American jobs in those areas. In fact, employers are complaining that they cannot find enough qualified people in those fields, especially those with advanced degrees. The sorry fact of the matter is that many American students simply cannot handle those fields because of the failure of the American educational system since the founding of the Department of Education and the adherence in the United States to Agenda 21, which is a UN program designed to deliberately dumb down people and teach them to be good little socialists and worker bees in the New World Order. Many of the Occupy crowd undoubtedly wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on college degrees in such majors as social work, psychology, business administration, social studies, government, political science, world history, ancient history, etc. Well, guess what? Those “skill sets” have very little value in the real world. In fact, some have virtually no commercial value unless you get a Ph.D. and go out on your own as a psychologist or become a professor in those subjects. Do you really need a college degree in social work to help people to fraudulently fill out paperwork for welfare and food stamps? What do you intend to do with a degree in “government” or “political science”? Of course, again, the education system is to blame for steering students into such economically worthless college majors.

It is time for the Occupy crowd to get over it and find a job.


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  1. Khalil Reid says:

    I can tell this is a conservative website first you are against the occupy movement against the left and against efforts to stop global warming, why is it when the tea party protest against all gun control which protects us you understand by the way im not for all gun control just some, there’s an understand but then you protest against greedy banks you’re told to get a job. look at this stuff before you how can people be so stupid.

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