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Oil Jizya Imposed On South Sudan By Sudan: $22.80/Barrel

South Sudan formed its own nation recently because its mostly Christian and Animist population could not tolerate being third-class citizens under the boot of Islam that was imposed on them by the predominantly Muslim population in the northern portion of Sudan. But, it seems they have not completely escaped their dhimmitude status, along with the jizya that is imposed on non-Muslims by Muslims, even though the non-Muslims now have their own country!. (For those who don’t know, jizya is the  protection money, that non-Muslims must pay if they want to live in a Muslim nation without the going along with the other two choices, which are to convert to Islam or to be killed.

Sudan needs the jizya because it is a financial basket case, like most Muslim nations, unless they happen to have oil that other people can take out of the ground and export for them. (Historically, Muslims have not been very industrious, to say the least. Even in Wealthy Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the unemployment rate among the actual citizens is extremely high. This is because their education consists, primarily, of useless exercises like memorizing the Koran. Also, they often feel superior to non-Muslims, and thus feel that work is beneath their destiny; better to hire others to work.)

Anyway, now that South Sudan is an independent country, and the north is faced with staggering budget deficits (for a country with their population and “economy”).  According to an article in Isria:

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has estimated that Sudan will have an annual budgetary gap of about USD 5.4 billion. The minister for Peace and CPA Implementation, Hon Pagan Amum, explained the Republic of South Sudan had proposed to help its neighbor to seal the gap by providing USD 1.6 billion (34 percent of the deficit) but the Sudan has rejected the offer.

He also reported that Sudan has claimed that it will incur an annual loss of USD 15 billion occasioned by cessation of wealth sharing arrangement with the South. He said that the variance between this figure and the one provided by the IMF can only be explained by the fact that the North used to take a lion’s share of the oil resources through underhand mechanisms.

So, what is the north to do, now that their dhimmis have done what they almost always do, which is to leave? (This is why there are so few non-Muslims living in predominantly Muslim nations. The rules imposed on them are so draconian that they eventually either convert to Islam, or leave.)

According to the above article, as well as Stratfor, Sudan has proposed a $22.8 US dollar per barrel fee for oil from South Sudan to be shipped through the pipeline that was constructed for the benefit of people in both the southern and northern portions of Sudan. As further reported in the article:

He said that this rate is outrageous and does not tally with the rates elsewhere in the world. He cited the case of Cameroon which charges Chad USD .41 (41 cents) for exporting oil through it. He said that even in Europe, the highest rates are still below USD 2 for the longest pipelines.

South Sudan does have options, like shipping through neighboring countries, but the infrastructure is not in place. (Plus, my understanding is that most of those neighboring countries are Muslim, or strongly Muslim leaning, so they may side with the Sudanese government and impose similarly ridiculous fees.)

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