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Out Of Control TSA Agents Caught On Video And Audio At San Diego

This is a great series of audios and videos of an encounter between a member of the legal, law abiding flying public and the out of control TSA. Fortunately, this guy had the foresight to turn on his cell phone camera and caught the whole thing on tape, although most of the content is restricted to audio. But, that is enough. (The 71 year old man who had his pants pulled down in public by the TSA is probably glad he did not have his cell phone camera running at the time.) Hopefully, more and more people will refuse both the naked body scanner and the sexual assault at the hands of the TSA, as this traveler did. This is especially important on national “Opt Out Day“, November 24, the day before Thanksgiving. (The busiest travel day of the year.) As I’ve said previously, this screening has nothing to do with airline security and everything to do with teaching the public to be slaves and to obey. “You vill do vat you are told! You stink. There is zee shower. Take one!”

These procedures will not catch a bomb inserted into a rectum or vagina, which al Qaeda has proven they can do. It will also not prevent airlines from being taken out of the sky by surface to air missiles. And, since the government is not concerned about sealing the borders, you can be sure there are plenty of them already in the country just waiting for deployment. It will also not prevent airlines from being taken out of the sky by simply ramming them with other aircraft. Or, by using bombs in the baggage. As we already know from the toner cartridge bombs, PETN is not easily detected. It was only due to a tip that those bombs were detected.

No, this is all about power and teaching the people to submit. It is time the people say NO!

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  1. gene willis says:

    welcome to the new world order.rthis is what orwell was depicting in 1984.this is no longer america.this is a foriegn country.god is dead,the nation is dead and the people in this godforsaken country will soon be dead.9-11 was the start.