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Proof Positive That The American Educational System Is A Total Failure

I have a bumper sticker on my truck that says “OBAMA: Why Stupid People Shouldn’t Vote”. I’ve been convinced that the American educational system has failed ever since I heard that the people that administer the SAT tests had to arbitrarily add 50 points to the scores because they had become so bad in the 80’s. Also, after 1994, Mensa no longer allowed applicants to use their SAT score for admission, because SAT scores were no longer correlated with IQ. (Mensa requires a minimum IQ of 132 for admission, which used to correspond to a combined SAT score of 1300, prior to 1974). I suspect it has to do with the formation of the Department of Education in the early 1980’s and the virtual takeover of the educational system by the democratic party. The school system is no longer concerned with producing adults with a good education in math, reading, science, and writing. Rather, the main objective of the educational system is to produce generations of democrats who believe that government is the answer to all problems and that capitalism and corporations are destroying the planet.

The fact that you now see teachers in Minnesota and other states practically rioting because they may not see their salaries, which average just over $100,000, increasing as fast in the future as they have in the past, shows just how out-of-touch teachers are with reality. Imagine, $100,000 for a part-time job that produces inferior products and from which you cannot be fired! (Especially when the real rate of unemployment in the United States is 22%.) (I’m sure there are some circumstances where a high school teacher in America could be fired, but they would have to do something really bad, like sexually assaulting a student.) Clearly, incompetence is not a firing offense in America’s educational system, as this video clearly shows.

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