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Protests Break Out in Egypt Because Muslims Can’t Accept Christian Governor

I told you so! It is only a matter of time before Egypt, and most of the other Muslim countries in the Middle East where you have seen “democracy” demonstrations, become Islamic theocracies along the lines of Iran. And, of course, that means the persecution of all non-Muslims. We’ve already seen the murders of Christians in Egypt and the destruction of their churches since the Mubarak government was overthrown. And, now as the Muslim Brotherhood takes over (in spite of their constant denials that they are taking over), we are seeing even more Muslim on Christian violence and protest.

It has just been reported that Qena, Egypt, has been almost shut down in recent days. Why? Because the new governor, Emad Shehata Michael, is a Coptic Christian, and Muslims can’t have that. As reported in the English version of the Muslim news site “Aram“:

Today thousands of protesters in Qena protested against the new governor of the area, Emad Shehata Michael, for a fifth day.Mansour El-Eissawy, the minister of interior, made an unexpected visit to the governorate to try to soothe the protesters as the situation continued to escalate.

The protesters have cut off the western highway, which leads to the Dendara temple complex, an ancient Egyptian site. The highway is also considered a lifeline for those in neighbouring towns who work in Qena. The protesters have also cut off the eastern highway between Qena and Aswan and camped on the railway tracks, stopping trains coming from Luxor and Aswan as well as Cairo.

Internal roads were blocked, which led to clashes between protestors and the residents of villages, many of whom were prevented from going to work and sending their children to school. The roads were blocked with metal, wire and small bonfires; cars which tried to cross were threatened by protesters and drivers were told that if they did not back off their windows would be smashed.

Of course, being Muslim, they are blaming him for formerly being a police officer and a member of the old regime. Plus (and this is the real problem), he is a Christian. And, to make it worse, the previous governor of this area was a Christian. And, we all know that it is illegal under Islam for Muslims to be lead by anyone other than a Muslim. Of course, there were no serious protests under the old Christian governor, but then Mubarak was the president of the country, and, being a “strongman”, was able to keep the Muslims under some sort of control. Now that they are taking over, and the Muslim Brotherhood is calling the shots, I would advise the remaining Christians in Egypt to find some other country in which to live.

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