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Russia Today: Debate On Climate Change

This is a great debate on climate change. In it, Piers Corbyn of debates Michael MacCracken, Chief Scientist for Climate Change Programs with the Climate Institute, and Bjorn Lomborg, a social scientist at the Copenhagen Business School. Lomborg is also the director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center.

Corbyn points out that this is not about science; it is a political operation to hold back third world development. It is, in his words, a “thieves kitchen”, and he points out that the IPCC “scientists” have refused to prove that CO2 drives the climate. He also points out that the data is fraudulent and that other planets are warming. Obviously, warming on other planets must be caused by the sun, not man-made CO2. Corbyn clearly states that CO2 does not drive global temperatures. He states that global temperatures are controlled by the sun.

Lomborg correctly points out that developing countries basically look at Copenhagen as a “honey pot”.

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  1. Snapple says:

    This is the Russian government’s foreign broadcast channel. Since this interview, the Kremlin party line seems to have changed and Michael Mann as been interviewed.

    President Medvedev used to claim global warming was a trick, but their scientists finally got through to them.

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