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Scientist Peter Taylor Predicts Global Cooling Like Maunder Minimum

In his recent book, Chill, scientist Peter Taylor predicts that the world may be heading for another deep chill, similar to the Maunder Minimum that started in the 17th century. Unlike the dire predictions of the global warmingistas, another major cooling cycle could be a disaster for mankind. While people and animals tend to thrive in warm climates, and warm climates result in longer growing seasons for plants, a major cooling would have disastrous results.

The graph below shows the global temperature over the last 11,000 years. It was compiled by David Archibald after Dansgaard, et al (1969) and Schönwiese (1995). The Maunder Minimum can clearly be seen, labeled as the “Little Ice Age”. During this time, the Thames River froze over frequently, as did the Hudson River. (Remember, during the Revolutionary war, Washington was able to get cannons across the Hudson River by simply pushing them across the frozen ice.)

In a recent article in the Daily Mail, “Copenhagen climate change summit: The world is COOLING not warming says scientist Peter Taylor…and we’re not prepared“, it is pointed out that:

Cycles are involved, not short-term trends, and many respected scientists, especially those in Russia and China, think that a cooling cycle is coming.

The AGW brigade have mistaken the current warm period for a trend caused by carbon emissions. But the detailed science says it could be natural and part of a cycle.

Behind the scenes at the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change there is no consensus – the dissenting views have been covered over in the summary documents for policy makers – and among UK and EU politicians it’s even worse, and criminally expensive for the British taxpayer.

At the end, the article ominously warns:

We’re being fatally led up the wrong garden path by green businesses, politicians, the IPCC and their computer geeks with their doctored spreadsheets and forecasts. They need to get out more and study the real world – not their virtual reality – because, like the asset bubbles of the financial crisis, the global warming bubble is about to burst…

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  1. Sharon Macready says:

    The problem with Peter Taylor’s book Chill is the fact that his work has not been peer reviewed, and that he’d rather tell folks on the conspiracy convention circuit about his ideas than a reputable scientific journal. This casts doubt onto his reputation, and therefore his findings. Taylor also casually mentions Lord Monckton’s spurious paper on global warming without realising that it is deeply flawed.
    To cap it all off Taylor wrote a book called Shiva’s Rainbow, that he appears to be embarassed about now, since his site has stopped advertising it. In the book Taylor shows that he has some far out views for a scientist; Plutonium, he says, is now: “distributed in homeopathic doses by the bomb tests, such that not a bone on the planet is free of it! Poisonous as it may be in the dose around Windscale, as with all homeopathic poisons, may it not also possess healing powers, borne of Plutonic dimension, a preparation for rebirth, an awakener to higher consciousness?” (p. 232)
    If you’re buying into Taylor’s hyptheses be aware that isn’t acting in the way a scientist is expected to. taht should ring alarm bells.

  2. Roel Rutten says:

    @ Sharon Macready
    A typical response of a global warming believer. Repeat the mantra, attack the person, and don’t discuss the science. Discussing the science is exactly what Peter Taylor does in this book. He quotes and discusses more scientific publications than any other book on climate change that I have read. Being a scientist myself, I found Peter Taylor is working very much within the boundaries of respectable scientific practice. Furthermore, in the preface to the book, prof. W. Jackson Davis, co-author of the first draft of the Kyoto Protocal (and himself convinced of man-made global warming) admits that this book presents a challenge to the scientific community.
    I myself neither believe nor disbelieve global warming. Let the science/facts speak for themselve. In that sense, I found Peter Taylor’s book infinitely more helpful than the kind of bashing in your comment.

  3. anon says:

    The Maunder Minimum occurred between 1645-1700. That was a bit before the Revolutionary War!

  4. Davy Stephenson says:

    At a recent global warming talk in our town, I asked Mr Speaker if he knew how warm it would need to be so as to re-colonise Greenland, and what caused it to be as warm as that, something that he failed to mention the whole lecture through.

    This is a fact and doesn’t need to be peer reviwed as the high quality ancient remains are still standing there to be seen.

    On a more serious note, what is happening today is daylight robbery of the immediate enviornment and our pockets in so much as to say that it’s Ok to pay to pollute but doing nothing about the physical pollution one can see and track from space, the one doing actual damage and harm to our long term immediate enviornment not least our health, and not the gas of life to all plant life called Co2.

    I have never heard of Co2 poisonings by simply reathing before, have you heard of Co2 asthma, or plant starvation.
    In commercial greenhouses where much of our food comes from today they pump in Co2 at 600ppm for induced growth and nobody has died working in such enviornments.

    Each year there are another 70 million new mouths to feed and Taylor has something to say on this which should be of concern to all here below, with families to feed.

    On a closing note for the warmists groups, did you know that in 1992 a new law was past that all new motor vehicles had to be fitted with a catylictic converter, who’s job is to convert the exhaust gasses into, yes you guessed it, Co2 thet are mobile Co2 generators at best producing real soot.

    A pre-programming model for paying to pollute, those concerned about AGW are adding daily to their plant loving gas which all peer reviewed ice core data’s say were 3% higher during the MWP than they are today and more people lived in places unhabitable today.

    It is bad when we are given the wrong science.

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