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So You Think All Ideologies Are Equal? Think Again!

Many people seem to think that one ideology is as good as another. Many seem to think that one form of government is as good as another. Many people think that there is no such thing as superior cultures. After all, if one culture was better than another, how could anyone embrace multiculturalism? Of course, such people simply ignore the facts. Obama and his co-conspirators feel that we should spread the wealth around. After all, at some point, “…you have made enough money”. Of course, enough money for Obama (at about $10 million), the Clintons (at over $100 million) and many other socialists like George Soros (in the $billions) feel that what is enough money for you is not enough money for them. But, of course, they are better than you.

And, after all, look at how successful their socialist philosophy has proven to be around the world. You have shining examples like Cuba and Venezuela. And, just look at how well socialism and communism have worked out for the people of North Korea when compared to their brothers in South Korea! Remember, the only real difference between North and South Korea is their methods of government and economic policies.

And, of course, we repeatedly hear that all religious beliefs and doctrines are equivalent. Of course, anyone who looks rationally at the situation knows in their hearts that Islam is not as good as Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism or any other major religion. But, that is not politically correct to even imply. After all, Islam is the “religion of peace”. (Seems to me more like a “religion of pieces” –as in body parts– but that may just be my “Islamophobia” shining through.)

But, in this excellent video, Moorthy Muthuswamy, the author of the new book  Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War talks about another situation of similar peoples and surroundings, but very different results. Of course, he is referring to the history of Pakistan and India after they were broken apart and made into separate countries in 1947. Pakistan is a totally broken country, dependent on charity from other nations to survive, while India is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most vibrant economic powerhouses. How can two countries, that were once one, have evolved to look so different? The answer is easy. Pakistan is an Islamic nation based on a 7th century world view, while India is predominantly Hindu, and embraces science, technology, reason, thought, and modernity. As Mr. Muthuswamy points out, the founder of Pakistan himself, Mohammad Ali Jinnah said, said in 1948: “Islamic principles today are as applicable to life as they were 1300 years ago.” That, in a single sentence, tells you the problem with Islam, and explains why Islamic countries are so backward and why they will never become prosperous contributors to the society of the world unless they can radically reform Islam, or simply dump it into the trash bin of history.

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