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Solid Evidence That Medieval Warm Period Was, Well, Warm. Warmer Than Now.

Science Skeptical Blog published a fantastic article on November 30, 2009 on the “Medieval Warm Period” that was so famously mentioned in the leaked climategate e-mails as something that needs to be hidden. In the graph, below, taken from the article, the climate data from many sources, from many places in the world, are shown over a long period of time. As you can clearly see, there was a Medieval Warm Period about 1200 CE, and it was very warm. In fact, that period, over most of the world, is as warm, or even warmer than, the current temperatures. Clearly, this could not have been caused by human-create CO2. Clearly, the climate researchers want to cripple the world’s economies, destroy modern civilization, and send mankind back into the 19 century, by crippling taxes on CO2. Clearly CO2 does not drive global temperatures. Clearly their agenda is global governance and redistribution of wealth, and not saving the planet from climate catastrophes.

medieval_warm_mapGo read the article. It is outstanding, and easy to understand.

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