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Some “Inconvenient Truths” About “Man-made Global Warming”

I’ve known that the belief in “Man-Made Global Warming” was basically a religion, based on myths, lies, and bad “science” for a long time. I’ve published articles to that effect.

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As with religion, it was so obvious that the global warming hysteria was about politics,  money, and the control over populations, rather than about reality and science. I’ve had, and still have, a hard time understanding how people could be so “hoodwinked” by all religions.  Christianity is a 2000 year old religion clearly based on pagan and Egyptian mythology, and it survives, and has many otherwise intelligent, adherents.  Islam is a 1400 year old religion based on the sayings of an insane, epileptic, barbarian, pedophile. But, it is the fastest growing religion in the world, with some 1.2 billion followers. Mormonism is a religion founded by a womanizing con-man, in much the same way that Islam was founded by a womanizing, barbarian, con-man. But the similarities don’t seem to be recognized.  (The parallels between Islam and Mormonism are fascinating, and may be worthy of a book one of these days.)

So, why should I be surprised that people would adopt the religion of  “global warming”? After all, Al Gore, the poster child for global warming, is a failed lawyer and clergyman. (He went to grad school for both “trades”, but could not hack it in either case, so he decided to be a politician, like his father. I have a Doctor of Divinity, and I did not even have to be bothered with attending school for that particular degree. Yet, I can legally perform any religious ritual other than a circumcision, which I have no interest in performing. But, I digress.)

In a recent article in Newsweek, about his upcoming book “Our Choice”, Al Gore admits that most of the global warming (that he claims is happening) is not caused by CO2. Rather, it is caused by particulates and methane, and other things.)

The other issue where science could be an inconvenient truth for climate politics is the basic question of what is causing the greenhouse effect. Earlier this year Gore phoned two scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute, which is above the Manhattan coffee shop where the Seinfeld characters hung out. Drew Shindell, Schmidt, and colleagues run state-of-the-art computer calculations on how much various greenhouse gases contribute to global warming. The relative impact of each, they were finding, was different from what simpler models had suggested. As they reported last week in Science—findings that Gore got hold of last spring—methane accounts for about 27 percent of the man-made warming so far, largely because of how it interacts with atmospheric aerosols. Halocarbons have caused 8 percent of the warming; black carbon (sooty emissions from burning wood, dung, and diesel), 12 percent; carbon monoxide and volatile organics, 7 percent—and carbon dioxide, 43 percent.

Now, given that the world is about to vote on, and possibly impose, draconian taxes based on CO2, that is a major problem. Never mind the fact that many of the findings of the IPCC have been proven to be false, or, at best, misleading. (And these points are proven by recently uncovered e-mails and documents from the Climate Research Unit, whose computers were hacked some time in the last few days, as mentioned below.) Furthermore, many of the predictions made by the various computer models, while touted in the outdated IPCC report, have proven to be wrong, because their predictions are NOT SUPPORTED BY THE ACTUAL DATA. (Read some of the reports below for the latest data, and analysis of the data in the outdated IPCC report.) While Al Gore and his fellow conspirators would like to suggest that “the science is settled”, the science if FAR FROM SETTLED.

There are 10’s of thousands of scientists (including myself) who DO NOT agree with the findings of the IPCC. For information on the “other side of the debate”, refer to the following excellent documents that clearly show the current state of the art in climate science, and demonstrate the flaws and/or outdated information in the IPCC report.

Climate Change Reconsidered, by S. Fred Singer and Craig Idso

“Global Warming: A Debate At Last” by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Or, view the video in my sidebar, “The Great Global Warming Swindle“.

But, the situation gets even worse. As I pointed out in an earlier article, when investigators demanded access to the “raw” climate data, held by Hadley (Climate Research Unit), and upon which virtually all of the “global warmingistas’ ” thesis is based, rather than produce the data, it was “lost”. Say what?!? You lost what could arguably be called the most important data set in the world? You lost the data set that may cause governments to piss away trillions of dollars for no legitimate reason, and with no genuinely expected result? You lost the data set that may cause massive government programs and maybe even bring about “world governance”? (They don’t like that term.) Yes, you heard me correctly. They “lost” the data, just like your child may have claimed that the family dog ate his homework!

If various cap and tax schemes are implemented, it will cripple the economy of the world, while lining the pockets of the likes of Al Gore and some corporations.

But wait, it gets even better. Now, the Hadley center has actually been hacked, and actual e-mails from the various conspirators have been captured, along with other information. It was reported, today, that:

A 61MB zip file containing information stolen from one of the world’s leading climate research centres, was posted onto an anonymous FTP server in Russia, accompanied by a note saying:

We feel that climate science is, in the current situation, too important to be kept under wraps.

We hereby release a random selection of correspondence, code, and documents

In total it is believed that the unknown hacker accessed 1079 emails (some of which are marked as “Highly Confidential”) and over 3800 documents. A spokesman for the Climate Research Unit confirmed the hack to the BBC.

I agree that that this information is “too important to be kept under wraps”. You can get the 61 Megabyte zip file at rapidshare, filedropper, or

It is about time that the whole global warming scam is being exposed. Those Russian hackers should get the Nobel Price, not Al Gore.

Other hack information:

This is huge. Probably the final smoking gun in the “climate change fraud”. In fact, one researcher called it “not the smoking gun, but a mushroom cloud.”

Enjoy reading.

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