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Sticking Our Heads in the Sand Won’t Eliminate Islam or Make the Muslim Threat to Civilization Go Away

Sadly, I am not shocked or surprised that the talking heads on TV and most politicians are expressing shock and dismay over the brutal attacks in France and are not admitting that the problem is Islam. They are even afraid, apparently, to mention that word, along with Muslim. We hear about attacks from terrorists. We hear about attacks from extremists. Occasionally, one or two of the braver ones utter the term “Jihadist terrorist”, but that is about as close as they get to using the terms Islam or Muslim. But, as anyone with half a brain knows, these attacks were not perpetrated by Catholic Nuns or Buddhist monks. They were perpetrated by Muslims; Muslims that firmly believe in the teachings of the Koran. Muslims who take their “religion” seriously, unlike most Christians, who pick and choose the parts of the Bible that they choose to follow.

And, we know that the Muslims who belong to ISIS have said that they fully intend to conquer the world and make sharia law the law of the land. And, if you know anything about Islam, you know that a Caliphate is essential to its existence. And, you know that the Koran specifies brutality against “the unbelievers”. ISIS is doing, I’m sure, exactly what Mohammad would have done, although he would have been even more brutal and destructive. If we keep ignoring the cause of the problem, we can never hope to solve the problem. Even today, I hear politicians talking about imposing “interim” governments in countries like Syria that will be secular and usher in peace by establishing a secular democracy. WHAT???? Secularism is totally anathema to Muslims. Most Muslims want sharia law, including a majority of Muslims in the United States. In predominantly Muslim countries, like Egypt, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the percentage that want the barbaric, 7th century sharia law is much higher: 99% in Afghanistan, 91% in Iraq, and 74% in Egypt. No wonder our efforts to force democracy on those countries was a complete waste of time, money ($3 trillion), and lives (over 6840).   This is why the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, was voted into power  in Egypt, and why the terrorist organization Hamas was voted into power in Palestine. Oops! Once we realized that the Muslims wanted sharia, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas, we had to correct those situations. In Egypt, we put in another secular military dictatorship to be in charge of the country. This is the only way that most Muslim nations can be brought into the modern world; with strong, secular dictators that will keep things under control. People like Saddam Hussein, Mubarak, and Gaddafi are, unfortunately, required to rule most Muslim countries. Without them, we end up with the likes of ISIS.

Why is it that ISIS is growing in ranks and why is it that, if it is so terrible, we don’t see the armies of the Middle East massing against them and destroying them? It would be easy, especially when you realize how well equipped the various Muslim armies are, and how many soldiers they have. The reason is that many Muslims, especially Sunni Muslims, not only don’t have a real problem with ISIS, but they long for a Caliphate ruled by sharia law and a Caliph, rather than being forced to live under a secular democracy or dictatorship. As noted earlier,  according to a pole by the Center for Security Policy, 51% of Muslims in America, want sharia law, and 25% of American Muslims who were polled thought that “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam, by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohamed”! So much for “a tiny minority of extremists!” Why aren’t the politicians pointing out this fact and acting to crush, or at least severely limit, political Islam? If Hitler had declared Nazism a religion, and existed today, we would all be speaking German.

Why don’t Muslims integrate into Western civilization like non-Muslim immigrants? It is because they want nothing to do with secular democracy. They want their 7th century sharia, along with the mandated severe repression of women and second-class citizenship for non-Muslims.

I am shocked that we have not, yet, seen an attack like Mumbai or Paris in the United States. In fact, after we gave the Muslims 2500 SA-7 surface-to-air missiles in Libya in 2011, I predicted that we would see those turn up in the Western world. So far, they have not, although it looks like a Russian jet was shot down over the Sinai Peninsula by a missile. I know that the official story is that it was a bomb, and it might have been, but the fact that the Muslims had a video of the jet blowing up says to me that it was more likely a missile. They could have timed the bomb to blow up when the plane was over a place where a videographer was strategically placed, but that would have depended on flights being totally on time, or on them having videographers spread all over the Sinai Peninsula filming every plane that flew overhead. It could have been a bomb that blew up exactly on schedule in exactly the right place where it could be filmed, but I find a shoot down that was filmed much more likely. Of course, the shoulder fired SAMs that we gave to the Muslims in Libya could not have shot down the Russian airliner, but a Russian Buk missile could have. And, the Muslims have them in Libya and could have smuggled one or two into the Sinai Peninsula and one of those Russian made SAMs could have shot down the airliner.

Given the triviality of pulling off the Paris attacks, I suspect we will start seeing similar attacks in the United States and around the Western world. Perhaps they will start on Black Friday. If I was a Jihadist, which I am about as far from as you can imagine, that is what I would do. The only difference is that this is America and people are allowed (in most states) to defend themselves and carry weapons. Hopefully, when a Paris-like attack happens, there will be some armed Americans in the area that can take the terrorists out before they kill too many people. Of course, again, if I was a terrorist, I would plan to commit my atrocities in places like Illinois, California, New York, or New Jersey where the gun laws prevent the citizens from protecting themselves by being armed.

Of course, we don’t hear the talking heads or democrats (redundant, I know) asking how such an attack could have happened in France. After all, it is virtually impossible for people in France (or most of Europe) to own guns. They keep telling us that all we have to do to stop gun massacres is to restrict gun ownership. Oops, I guess that didn’t work.

What really worries me, however, is not Paris or Mumbai-like attacks. What I worry about is the threat posed to commercial aviation. While the 2500 SAMs that we gave the Muslims in Libya could not take out an aircraft at 30,000 feet, they could easily take out aircraft on approach or takeoff. If I was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, I would make an announcement to the effect that if all aggression against the Islamic State is not stopped by a certain date, then on the next day, 3 airliners will be shot down. Then, if all aggression is not stopped against the Islamic State in a week or so after that, 5 to 10 airliners will be shot down. This would, especially after the first 3 were shot down, cripple the Western economy. And, there would be nothing that could be done. All of the TSA security theater would be useless. (Which we all know it already is. Tests have shown that most weapons that test agents try to take onto airliners get through TSA inspections.) The only thing that could prevent the attacks would be the permanent grounding of all airlines.

Of course, if we had control of our borders, perhaps it would have been possible to stop the transfer of both the terrorists and the missiles into the United States. But, I am sure it is way too late to stop the weapons from entering our country, or other Western countries, and our moronic politicians are actually opening the doors to “refugees” from Syria and other Muslim nations. And, we know for a fact that at least one of the Paris attackers was an “asylum-seeker”. I’m sure hundreds of such terrorists have taken advantage of the insane asylum programs to infiltrate Western nations to attack us.

During WWII, we did not allow a flood of German and Japanese “asylum seekers” into the United States. We actually understood the enemy and were not afraid to name it. And, interestingly, we won that war. It was the last time the United States won a war. We will not win the war against Islam until we name the enemy and eliminate it. And, the only way to eliminate Islam is to isolate it and make being a Muslim so uncomfortable that the political aspect of Islam, known as sharia law, that is an integral part of Islam, will be eradicated. Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism have no political equivalent to sharia law and the other political and governing aspects of Islam. And this is why Islam is so dangerous and must be eliminated, or at least isolated from civilization. Why would we invite them into Europe or the United States where the culture, climate, and language is totally foreign to them? Why bring them into a civilization where most of them will never assimilate, or even want to assimilate? If they are to be treated to asylum, settle them in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations. At least there they will be like the others around them culturally and linguistically. And, Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich nations have money. The United States is a bankrupt nation with real unemployment near 25%. We can’t afford the immigration, especially since most immigrants from Syria have no marketable skills and will just further add to the unemployment and welfare roles. Maybe China could take them in. They have plenty of uninhabited cities that they have built recently and they would re-educate the Muslims about that insane and destructive ideology known as Islam.

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