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Survival of Ivory Coast Christians May Require the South to Secede

Now that Laurent Gbagbo has been run out of office in Ivory Coast, it may be time for the southern portion of Ivory Coast to break away from the northern portion of Ivory Coast. This would be very similar to what recently happened in Sudan, where the non-Muslim south found it necessary, for the very survival of it’s people, to break away from the norther portion of Sudan, which was predominantly Muslim and trying to impose Sharia law on the entire nation. If that had happened, the people in the southern portion of the country would have become third class citizens living under the intolerant boot of Islam. (In Islam, Muslim women take the spot of second class citizens.) In southern Sudan, the logical resistance to the imposition of Sharia law was so strong, and the persecution of the majority Christian population by the Muslims from the north so bad, that 97% of the south’s population turned out for the vote, and 98% of them voted to secede!

Ivory Coast used to be a peaceful,  productive, prosperous, and great country in Africa, which is almost an oxymoronic statement. But, that was because the economy and culture of Ivory Coast was dominated by it’s Christian and Animist people who lived in the southern portion of the country. The Muslims, who resided primarily in the northern portion of the country, were a minority. The northern part of the country was, like most places where Muslims dominate, poor and backward. But, Muslims like the new president Alassane Ouattara schemed and allowed millions of illegal Muslim immigrants into the country. Finally, the Muslim population became almost a majority, although a significant portion of their number were illegal immigrants. But, they were allowed to vote, and the Islamists say they won the election. Of course, there were irregularities in the voting, and since many of the voters were illegal Muslim immigrants whose vote should never have counted, Laurent Gbagbo was correct in stating that the election was stolen and that he actually won the election. There were even commissions that investigated the election and agreed that he had won the election. But, the UN, which is largely influenced by the 57 member Organization of the Islamic Conference, and which has gotten pretty much everything wrong since it’s inception, said that Ouattara had won the election. To add insult to injury, the French, who are known for their timidity and will to surrender, agreed with the UN and helped to force Gbagbo out of power. (Perhaps they were trying to amend for their colonial occupation of Ivory Coast. Perhaps they were pressured by the (dangerously) increasing Muslim population in France. Perhaps they just missed their chocolate.)

But, in any case, the damage is done. A once thriving, peaceful country is now ruled by Muslims. Islamists, specifically. A while back I predicted that Egypt, and in fact most of the Middle East countries experiencing “democratic” uprisings, would become Islamic theocracies in the near future, and that appears to be coming truer day by day. As the power of the Muslim Brotherhood rises to take over the government in Egypt, Christians are being persecuted to such a degree that they are fleeing in droves. While atrocities were committed by both sides in the recent “democratic putsch” in Ivory Coast, it was predominantly the Muslims who were guilty of massacring Christians, even going so far as to burn some of them alive. Now that they are in power, this is only the beginning of the persecution and mistreatment of Christians, and especially African Traditional Religion followers, in Ivory Coast. Of course, since the Christian south controls the wealth of the country, in that the south contains the cocoa trade, the Muslims can’t be too hard on them, at least not for a while, since they depend on others to provide their room and board. Perhaps they will just impose the jizya on the non-Muslims and make them “feel themselves subdued” (Koran 9:29). But, I suspect the non-Muslims will only put up with this for so long; probably not at all. Thus, they will be forced to secede from Ivory Coast to form a new nation that is primarily non-Muslim, and leave the northern part of the country to the Muslims, where they can die off in turmoil and poverty.

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