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Talking About Extremist and Moderate Muslims Is Like Talking About Extremist and Moderate Nazis

OK folks, lets get over it! There is, as a famous Islamist said, no “moderate Islam. Islam is Islam”. I can hear the liberal morons screaming now: Islamophobe!!! Nobody in the main stream ever said that! You are quoting someone like Osama bin Laden or Ayman al-Zawahiri! Wrong! I am quoting the Islamist Prime Minister of a supposed NATO ally, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Ergogan! In fact, he went so far as to explain that the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West, is “ugly”. About “moderate” Islam, he said: “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

So, there you have it from a Muslim head of state, and, unfortunately, a person who heads a nation that we stupidly allowed into NATO. Just think about it. Turkey is a nation that has been armed by the West with the latest weapons (like Pakistan), and it is a nation that will soon be going nuclear and yet it prefers to side with barbaric states like Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan rather than the United States and Western Europe!

And, talking about 7th century Hell holes, lets talk about Pakistan. They are now blocking the supply routes for our troops in Afghanistan. And, to make matters worse, we allowed them to get nuclear weapons, just as we allowed North Korea and Iran to get nuclear weapons. It is time to simply read them the riot act and to explain that we can do whatever we want in their country to defend our country because we have given them billions and billions of dollars and billions and billions of dollars worth of military equipment such as modern F-16 aircraft, etc. If they don’t want to accept our right to do what we want in their country to defend ourselves against Islam, then they have to accept the alternative, which we should impose on all nations. If you don’t clean up your act and join the 21st century, you will receive no more money, no more aid, and no more military equipment from us. Furthermore,  you will pay a devastation price if anyone from your country attacks our country.

If there is a major Muslim attack in the United States, within 12 hours the suspected country, or countries, whose people originated the attacks, or the countries who did, or probably did, aid the attackers, will be reduced to a radioactive glass parking lot. End of story. No discussion, no mercy. If a person from your country attacks the United States, your country and your people will simply cease to exist. So, you had better clean up your act! We’re tired of trying to do it for you and getting nothing but treachery, deceit, and obstructions related to everything we try to do, not to mention pissing away billions of dollars on your country which we can no longer afford to do.

If we had done this, as we proposed doing after 911, Pakistan and Afghanistan would already be gone, as would Iran (which has been the biggest danger to us since 1979). While that would only have eliminated a few hundred million Muslims, it would have dampened their insane expansionary and destructive spirits and much of the problem would now be gone.

The Western world must wake up to the existential threat Islam represents. They declared war on us in the 8th Century when they started their expansionist, supremacist agenda to take over the Middle East and most of Europe. Now they admittedly want to take over the world. It is time that we finally finished the Crusades that their barbaric actions necessitated about 1000 years ago and wipe them out. It is them or us. They tell us that all the time. We need to listen to what they say and take it seriously and do something about it to defend ourselves.

It really is them or us, and it must be Western Civilization that survives.


  1. Theophilus Hakaik says:

    Dear Muslim,

    If you do not consider Muslim’s who kill others who have done them no wrong, harmless children they do not even know, and also kill fellow believers in Allah who disagree with them as evil, you are part of the problem. Your perception is not correct or you are too much of a coward to face truth. Do not defend evil.

    If you can see the wrong in other religions and discern the good faithful loving persons from the hypocrites among Islam and the many religious individuals in the world, then you are a fool who will no doubt die among other Muslim victims when your opinion or type of Islamic belief is considered offensive by the next demonic leader in your own country. Your do not admit the truth and anything you say is false.

    If you refuse to be part of the truth and admit the atrocious facts, or change and become part of the answer to violent radical Islam, then do not make claims for a religion of love or peace. In theory most religions are about love. We do not care about what is taught. The rest of the world only cares about what you practice. We see death and sin from Islam that has taken over any goodness that once would have convinced us to believe your words. You either are ignorant, in denial, or liars. There is no religion higher than truth.

  2. Prayag says:

    Dear Idiot,

    Your views are just as “Nazi” as those apparently held by the people you vilify. Those who look at the world in black-and-white cannot criticize others for looking at the world in black-and-white.

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