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The Crooked Judges of Amsterdam

In this excellent video, Pat Condell discusses the disgusting display of dhimmitude taking place in an Amsterdam courtroom. For those who don’t know, Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders is on trial in the Netherlands for “defaming Islam”. (To see Geert Wilders’ short film about Islam, “Fitna”, watch it in my sidebar towards the bottom.) What a ridiculous situation in a country that used to have freedom of speech; to be on trial for asserting your right to free speech. And, to make matters worse, very, very few Americans are aware that the Muslims of the world our trying to take away the free speech rights of all citizens of the world, including Americans. The OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) passes a resolution in the United Nations every year that makes defamation of a religion A CRIME. Fortunately, the United States has blocked it’s official implementation, since it can (fortunately) veto anything. But, how long before the United States decides to go along with this abomination, making free speech a thing of the past. As Pat points out, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have lost their right to free speech. Who is next?

For those who don’t know, “In the most determined statement of dhimmitude we’ve yet seen in Europe (and that’s saying something) the Dutch authorities are pushing ahead with the prosecution of an elected  Parliamentarian for the crime of embarrassing them with the truth.”

Prosecutors went so far as to state that it doesn’t matter that what he said is true, it matters that it is illegal! As Pat points out, “When the truth is against the law, then there’s something seriously wrong with the law. Because when the truth is no defense, there is no defense, and the law has no anchor, so it will drift wherever the wind of political expediency blows.”

It is an excellent speech. Watch it all, and learn.

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