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The Fall Of Gaddafi; The Fall Of Libya

I don’t have access to American media like CNN, but Al Jazeera is having an orgasm about the downfall of Gaddafi. I received a text message from CNN telling me that two of Gaddafi’s sons have been captured or surrendered. I’m sure NATO and the US are overjoyed about the developments. But,  they should be careful about what they wish. Gaddafi was a brutal tyrant, and was certainly no friend of civilized people, but, as I have already pointed out, the new leader of Libya is a total Islamist. Not only that, but reported in their latest update that at least 2500 SA-7 shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles have been removed from Libya by al Qaeda and other Islamist forces.

What does all of this mean? Well, for starters, it means that Libya will now become another Islamist emirate, run by Islamists and al Qaeda. Think another Iran. As bad as Gaddafi was, he was better than Islamists and al Qaeda. Plus, we now have at least 2500 SA-7 anti-aircraft missiles that are now being shipped to the United States and other Western nations to bring down aircraft. While these weapons are old and not very sophisticated, Western airlines, with the exception of Israeli airlines, are not equipped to detect and evade anti-aircraft missiles like the SA-7. I’m glad I don’t have to fly commercial airlines.

So, expect to see airliners falling from the skies in the near future. All the Muslims need to do is to bring a few hundred of these 2500 SA-7’s into the United States. Since no recent president has chosen to seal the borders, importing these small, shoulder-fired missiles will be trivial. Sure, maybe a few will miss their targets, but with 2500 to import, you can be sure that at least a few hundred will make it into Western nations, each of which is capable of bringing down a commercial airliner. At a cost of 200 deaths per aircraft, even only 10% of those 2500 SA-7 missiles could result in the deaths of 50,000 innocent people. That would be almost 20 times worse than 9/11, and the patience of Americans for Muslim barbarians would run out.

Even more concerning, we have a nation that was once going nuclear, and which has thousands of advanced weapons, being openly taken over by Islamists. Gaddafi gave up his nuclear weapons when he saw what we did in Iraq. While a brutal thug, and a person that I have no sympathy for, as Islamists take over Libya, and its extensive weapons cache, we are in a far more dangerous world.


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