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The Impending 5 Front War

I believe we are on the brink of a 5 front global war. It has been building for years, and all of the signs are in place for a crescendo. I don’t know whether it will happen next week or next month or maybe in a few months; but all of the signs and players are in place.

Where do I believe those fronts will be? The Middle East, Korean Peninsula, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Iraq, and the United States. Will it be nuclear? Almost certainly, at least in the Korean Peninsula and the Middle East. If terrorists do have nuclear weapons, which is highly probable (especially if you want to include dirty bombs), then it will also go nuclear within the United States. It will almost certainly involve chemical and/or biological weapons within the United States and the Middle East.

Iran has been working on nuclear weapons for about 30 years. Yes, I know they are Muslims, and thus backward and largely stupid and uneducated, especially in the sciences. But, Iran does have some intelligent people, and many of them have been educated in some of the best Western universities. Thus, they certainly have the brain power to build a bomb. And, lets face it, it is not rocket science. The United States built the first atomic bomb in about 4 years, over 60 years ago. And, at the time, we did not even know if it would work. Iranians not only know that it will work, but the knowledge of how to build a bomb has been public for decades. Plus, they purchased the working blueprints from Pakistan and North Korea.

And, again, it is not rocket science. Take two chunks of highly enriched uranium or plutonium, whose combined weight would exceed the critical mass, and drop one on the other from the top of a step ladder and you will have a nuclear explosion! (Of course, it may only be equivalent to a few tons of tnt, versus a few kilotons to over 100 kilotons if you do it correctly and really know what you are doing.) But, making a crude bomb is not difficult. Plus, of course, if you take any radioactive material and disperse it with “mother of Satan” or any other explosive, you have a dirty bomb. True, it would probably not kill many people, but it is an effective weapon of terror, and it could contaminate an area for a long time, and require hundreds of millions of dollars to decontaminate.

As far as chemical and biological weapons are concerned, we know there are plenty of sources. North Korea has produced huge quantities of anthrax, among other things, and contrary to what the main-stream media keeps insisting, I believe that Saddam Hussein was producing various chemical and biological weapons prior to the war. In fact, we know he had them, because he used them earlier against both his own people and Iran. The problem is that we kept warning him that we were going to attack. Thus, when we finally did attack, he had been able to clean up the labs and remove the materials. In fact, it was widely reported that just that situation happened. Shortly before the war began, and for a while after it started, huge caravans of trucks were seen leaving Iran to go Syria and the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. While the main stream media kept harping “Where are the WMD’s”, many knew what happened to them, including the new nominee for Director of National Intelligence, General Clapper. They had been spirited out of the country, to be used at another time. (Like in the very near future.) (And, a new article has just been published that provides further, strong evidence that the WMD’s that were in Iraq were moved from Iraq to Syria and Lebanon.) While we should have investigated these caravans, our military was ordered not to interfere or bomb them because they were Russian vehicles. In any case, apparently, the Russians and the Iranians spirited most of the chemical and biological weapons out of the country and into Lebanon and/or Syria. From there, I’m sure they have spread all around the world, including a large consignment to the United States, mostly through the totally porous Mexican border which both President Bush and President Obama have failed to even attempt to seal up. (Of course, just after the massive terrorist attacks in the United States that will be ordered by Iran once we finally attack Iran’s nuclear sites, there will be the inevitable Congressional hearings and investigative committees which will point fingers all over the place, trying to place the blame for the porous border, and the fact that not only did the government not even try to seal the border, but seemed to openly flaunt a “come to America and rape our economy” attitude.) (Can you say NAFTA and North American Union?)

And, of course, we know that Iran has tested firing a missile to blow up in mid-flight from a ship. This is exactly the scenario that would be used if they wanted to send the United States back to the 19th century, resulting in the death of approximately 90% of Americans in one year, according to Congressional testimony, by attacking the United States with an EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) weapon. While not killing anyone immediately, it would shut down the power grid of the United States for many months to over a year, and would render many devices with transistors unusable.

We know for sure that the war will go nuclear in the Korean Peninsula, since we know that the Clinton administration helped North Korea to obtain the bomb at the worst, and at best certainly did nothing to prevent North Korea from obtaining the bomb. And, since obtaining the bomb, America’s “leaders” have done nothing but shake their finger at Kim Jong-il and say “You are making us mad. You had better cut it out, or we will get really mad.” To which Kim flips us the bird, and schedules another nuclear test or fires another missile at our nation (which we also do nothing about.)

And, lets not forget that North Korea and Iran are Siamese twins in the nuclear bomb game. North Korean technicians are intimately involved in the Iranian program, and Iran funds much of the North Korean nuclear research. Furthermore, Iranian officials are always present at North Korean nuclear tests, since the North Korean program is really their program, as well. They know that if the North Korean bomb works, their bomb will work, since they are of the same design. And, lets not forget that North Korea has produced lots of fissile material, some of which I suspect has made it’s way to Iran, and into some Iranian nuclear bombs. Plus, I find it hard to believe that Iran has been working on the fissile material for so long and does not have plenty of it from facilities that we don’t (publicly, at least) know about. Plus, there is plenty of fissile material available in the world on the black market, and it would be hard to believe that Iran has not been able to buy enough for at least a few bombs. Plus, it was reported that they bought a bomb in the early 1990’s, as well as a few KH-55 nuclear tipped cruise missiles. (These come with 200 kiloton nuclear warheads, not the little 10 kiloton “toy” bombs that North Korea has been testing.) They are now producing copies of these cruise weapons in Iran.

I’m not a big believer in coincidences. The fact that a North Korean submarine sank a South Korean naval ship on March 26, 2010, at about the same time that Syria delivered SCUD missiles to the Lebanese Hezbollah is probably not a coincidence. Neither is the fact that Turkey, a former friend, and, unfortunately, a member of NATO, has recently decided to provoke a war with Israel by sending a flotilla of “peace activists” (controlled by a band of terrorists) to break the blockade of Gaza that Israel has had to impose to ensure that more weapons are not delivered to Hamas from Iran.

It is well known that the United States military has been stretched too thin for years. I believe that the remaining Axis of Evil, Iran and North Korea, have teamed together to try to destroy America’s military (and America) by provoking another 3 war fronts; Korean Peninsula, Middle East, and massive terrorist attacks in the United States.

We should have prevented North Korea from getting the bomb, and we should have taken out Iran’s nuclear facilities years ago. Now, we are going to have to pay the price. Get ready for $300/barrel oil and massive terrorist attacks at home. But, maybe this war will save our economy, just like World War II brought us out of the depression. From what I have heard, (and you have to take the source with a grain of salt) the Bilderbergers and the Tri-Lateral Commission are in favor of war with Iran (and I guess North Korea), apparently for just this reason.

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    You’re a fear-mongering idiot.

    Sincerely, Dave.

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