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The Iranian Bomb … Because You Have Waited Way Too Long

Another entertaining production from LatmaTV. This is the full, long version of the production. The main part comes after about 2 minutes 30 seconds and extends to 6:13. (For the record, I believe that Iran already has at least 6, and maybe as many as 2 dozen bombs. After all, it is really not “rocket science”. All you need is the fissile material, and they have had 30 years to get that, whether from the former Soviet Union, North Korea, Pakistan, or indigenous sources.)

And, yes we did wait too long. We should have taken them out in 2003 after we took out Saddam Hussein, instead of pissing away $1 trillion on rebuilding Iraq, much of which is going to be annexed by Iran, anyway, especially if we don’t take out Iran’s nuclear weapons…NOW! And, once we do, no rebuilding!

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