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The Moment Of Truth Has Arrived In The Middle East

It has been widely confirmed that Egypt will allow 2 Iranian war ships through the Suez Canal on February 20 and 21, 2011. This is the first time since the Iranian Revolution that Egypt has allowed Iranian war ships to pass through the canal. For one thing, this is a clear indication that Egypt is going to become an Islamist state, as I predicted in an earlier post, given the beliefs held by the typical Muslim in Egypt and the strength of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Less than 2 weeks after Hosni Mubarak was deposed in a military coup, the government is clearly leaning closer to Islamist Iran, and distancing itself from Egypt. And, of course, the Muslim Brotherhood said recently that the long standing peace treaty between Egypt and Israel should be torn up, and Egypt should go to war with Israel. Allowing the Iranian war ships through the Suez Canal is the first shot in that war.

It is widely believed that the Kharg is carrying heavy missiles to Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon for use against Israel. Personally, I would not be surprised if the ship was also carrying one or more of Iran’s nuclear weapons. (I believe, like many others, including experts such as Yossef Bodansky, that Iran has had nuclear weapons for quite a few years, although most were probably not developed indigenously. But, they have been working on it for 30 years. Personally, I can’t believe that they are that technologically backward that they have not developed their own nuclear weapons after 30 years. We certainly do not know about all of their nuclear facilities.) They may not have the necessary missiles to deliver those weapons, yet, but by taking them to Syria and/or Lebanon via ship, they could easily be transported to their final detonation location in Israel by submersible vessel or speed boat.

The real question is whether Obama has the balls to order our military to stop and inspect the cargo being carried by these ships.  UN resolution 1629 against Iran clearly states that we (and Israel and any other country) has the right (and, in fact, responsibility) to board these ships and check their cargo.

Further provisions of the resolution included:[4]

All states were furthermore recommended to undertake the following:[4]

  • Inspect all cargo to and from Iran in accordance with the Convention on the Law of the Sea and civil aviation agreements for prohibited items and report within five days explanations for the search and the findings from such inspections;
  • The seizure and disposal of prohibited items;
  • Prevent the provision of fuel, supplies and servicing of Iranian vessels if they are involved in prohibited activities;
  • Provide information to the Committee concerning attempts to evade the sanctions by Iran Air or Iran Shipping Lines to other companies;
  • Prevent the provision of financial services that may be used for sensitive nuclear activities;
  • Exercise vigilance when dealing with Iranian individuals or entities if such business could contribute to Iran’s sensitive nuclear activities;
  • Prohibit the opening of Iranian banks in their territory and prevent Iranian banks from entering into relationships with banks in their jurisdiction if there is reason to suspect the activities could contribute to sensitive proliferation activities in Iran;
  • Prevent financial institutions operating in their territories from opening offices and accounts in Iran if they would contribute to Iran’s proliferation sensitive activities.

Reference (4) above refers to:

The above is taken from

My guess is that Obama does not dare to do that, and I am afraid that we will prevent Israel from doing it. Of course, if the ships do contain major weapons, and they get to Syria and Lebanon, Israel is done.

Personally, I expect full scale war to break out in the Middle East in the next few weeks, and oil to go over $200. So, if you want to make money, buy oil!

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