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The Skeptics Handbook II: Global Bullies want your money

The Skeptics Handbook II: Global Bullies want your money” by Joanne Nova is an absolutely fantastic booklet  that spells out the frauds committed by governments and “climate scientists” in promoting their one world order agenda. And, it does it in a way that virtually anyone can understand. As I’ve said many times, it is NOT about the science, and the treasure trove of hacked CRU files unearthed a couple of days ago proves that. There are many booklets, and even
detailed books, like the excellent volume “Climate Change Reconsidered”, by S. Fred Singer,

shown above, that describe the real, but suppressed, science of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming. (It is a total fiction. It is a scam designed to allow for more government regulation of your life, bring in world government and destroy our sovereignty, and to transfer wealth from wealthy countries to poor countries.) But, some of these more detailed and scholarly works may be too scientific for the average lay person to understand. But, her booklet is designed for everyone.

Anyway, this booklet is excellent, and updated with some of the latest information, like the fact that the CRU  “lost the data” when it was faced with having to release the data under a Freedom Of Information Act demand. And, of course, the recently leaked e-mails discuss the deleting of e-mails in response to FOIA requests. That is a crime, not just scientific chicanery.

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