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The Sooner We Disarm, Isolate, and Abandon Pakistan The Better

Pakistan is clearly not our friend. They are obviously not devoted to actually eliminating terrorism. It is an Islamist country, dominated by barbaric cretins that worship and adore a 7th century insane, epileptic, barbarian, pedophile who was named Mohammad. Rather than embracing the 21st century, the people in Pakistan seem to be moving backward in a time machine. As time goes on, they embrace and implement the barbarity of Sharia to a more and more frightening degree.

Just today, the only Christian minister in Pakistan’s government was shot to death by Taliban gunmen  in Islamabad, Pakistan. His “crime”? Blasphemy.

And, this is not the only cold blooded murder for “blasphemy” this year in Pakistan. The Governor of Punjab Province Salmon Taseer was murdered by his own bodyguard because he was upset that Taseer opposed the blasphemy law.

The Taseer killing terrified those in Pakistan who are secular-minded or liberal, but it also drew wide praise among many ordinary Pakistani. Analysts said the reaction was a sign of the growing radicalization of the Muslim public.

Mr Bhatti had been campaigning to reform the Pakistan’s notoriously strict blasphemy laws, which most recently were used against Asia Bibi, the Christian woman sentenced to death for “insulting” Islam.

Mrs Bibi says the allegation was invented by a neighbour to settle a score, a common complaint about the blasphemy law, and she is now in hiding. Although no one has ever been executed under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, as many as 10 people are thought to have been murdered while on trial.

Honestly, do we really need to be dealing with this country? And, remember, many Americans have traveled recently to Pakistan to train for Jihad, including Faisal Shahzad, who attempted to blow up a truck bomb in Times Square in New York City. Born in Pakistan, Shahzad had just received his American citizenship before he traveled to Pakistan to be instructed by the Taliban.

He admitted that the Pakistan Taliban provided him with more than $15,000 and five days of explosives training late last year and early this year, months after he became a U.S. citizen.

For greatest impact, he chose a crowded section of the city by studying an online streaming video of Times Square, the so-called Crossroads of the World, prosecutors said.

On May 1, he lit the fuse of his crude, homemade bomb packed in a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder, then fled on foot, pausing along the way to listen for the explosion that never came, court papers said.

He was not only not repentant about what he had done, but quite proud of himself and obviously would do it all over, if he could.

At sentencing, Shahzad claimed the FBI’s interrogation had violated his rights. He also warned that attacks on Americans will continue until the United States leaves Muslim lands.

“We are only Muslims … but if you call us terrorists, we are proud terrorists and we will keep on terrorizing you,” he said.

He added: “We do not accept your democracy or your freedom because we already have Sharia law and freedom.”

The minds of these people is so polluted with the Islamic brainwashing that they have endured since their birth that there is probably no hope for rehabilitating them. All we can do is keep them out of the country. Additionally, we should install a travel ban against Pakistan. Lets face it; unless you are a jihadist in training, there is little reason to go to Pakistan. And, unless you are an actual jihadi, there is little reason for a Pakistani to visit the United States.

As further evidence of the sickness of their “civilization” and as an indication of the brainwashing of the children, this video was recently published. It shows Pakistani children pretending to be suicide bombers!

And, remember, these wackjobs are known to have nuclear weapons. (I am pretty sure that Iran has a few, too, but we know for a fact that Pakistan has about 100 nuclear devices.) They clearly are not competent to have these weapons, and they must be disarmed. Otherwise, when a nuclear device eventually blows up on American soil, you can be almost certain that the return address will be Pakistan.

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