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The Truth About the Flotilla

Of course, this should be all over the main stream media, but don’t hold your breath; they are in the back pocket of the Muslims. After all, we all know how Gaza is such a hell-hole; a hell-hole caused by Israel. Granted, it is probably not a very pleasant place to live, but that is not because of the Israelis; it is because of the Muslims. Hamas in particular. I have written about this many times.

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But, you won’t see this kind of stuff on the dhimmi main stream media. It really is rather disgusting. But, I also blame Israel for not having effective public relations, and not having an ability to get the truth out. Here is a small nation, about the size of New Jersey, surrounded by nations and people sworn to its destruction; and they really do mean to destroy it. As incompetent and criminal as the United States government is for not sealing it’s border, I do think our government would do something if Mexico was lobbing thousands of missiles into Arizona and Texas. And, yet, this is just the situation that Israel has found itself in from Gaza and the West Bank. But, if they do anything to stop this intolerable and inexcusable situation, somehow they are the “bad guys”. Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Muslim organizations regularly put their weapons caches and launchers in the heart of civilian populations, even in, on, or near hospitals and schools. But, when civilians are killed when Israel makes the attacks on those facilities necessary for it’s self defense, who gets blamed? Israel. Outrageous.

This is a film that should be seen by everyone on the Gaza Flotilla incident. While I think Israel should have waited until the Flotilla ships were out of International waters, apparently this action broke no international laws since they announced that there was a naval blockade of Gaza and the ships clearly stated their intention to break the blockade. And, the Muslims were clearly hoping for violence, as the video clearly shows. But, when they got what they wanted, they do what all Muslims tend to do; claim victim status. And, the main stream media just continues to eat this stuff up.

Thanks to for bringing this to my attention.

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